ABB Launches Nexgen Cobots for New Sectors

ABB expands its collaborative robot (cobot) portfolio with the new GoFa™ and SWIFTI™ cobot families, offering greater payloads and speeds, to supplement its YuMi® and Single Arm YuMi® cobot line-up. The expansion is designed to help current and new robot users accelerate automation amid four key megatrends including individualized consumers, labor shortages, digitalization and uncertainty that are turning business and driving automation into new sectors of the economy. 

The pandemic has been cited as a catalyst for rapid investment in automation, eight out of ten workplaces claim to increase use of robots in the next decade. Cobots are built to operate in the presence of workers without the need for physical safety measures such as fences and are incredibly easy to use and install. The expansion follows the business area’s focus on high-growth segments through portfolio innovation, helping to drive profitable growth and meet rising automation demand across several industries

GoFa™ and SWIFTI™ are intuitively designed so that customers need not rely on in-house programming specialists and operate the cobots within minutes of installation, straight out of the box, with no specialized training, thus unlocking industries with low levels of automation. The users comfortable with operating a tablet or smartphone will be able to use the company’s fast set-up tools to program and re-program the new cobots with ease. Each installation of these cobots includes a start-up package that provides ABB Ability™ condition monitoring & diagnostics as well as a support hotline free for the first six months to access company’s expert technical assistance, which offers support across all industry segments.

“With this expansion, we are making cobots easier to use and deploy, with real-time support to help speed their adoption in businesses that may have not considered their use previously,” explained, Sami Atiya, President - Robotics & Discrete Automation, ABB.  “Our experience is that the best performing operations harness people’s skills, alongside the potential of new technologies.”

Image Source: ABB  

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