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Hogar Controls Launches ‘Prima+ Series’ Smart Touch Panels

Hogar Controls Inc, a global IoT company that chose Hyderabad as the location for its R&D and assembly unit in 2019, has announced the debut of its all-new Prima+ Smart Touch Panel line.

OPEN MIND Offers Integrated Software Solution for CNC Manufacturing

OPEN MIND Technologies AG bridges the gap between CAM systems and physical machine environment with its hyperMILL® VIRTUAL Machining solution, an integrated all-in-one system that eliminates the need for multiple software solutions.

Applied Automation Technologies Bags Software Contract from North American Aircraft Manufacturer

Applied Automation Technologies (AAT3D) recently secured a major software contract with a leading North American aircraft manufacturer to integrate CAPPSNC™ software to directly interface with controllers on large CNC machines to provide dimensional metrology data for CMM reports, adaptive work offsets, and adaptive tool offsets for 3-5 axis closed-loop manufacturing.

MX-System from Beckhoff

The new MX-System is quite simply a revolution in control cabinet construction. It is a flexible, space-optimized, and intelligent system solution that completely replaces the conventional control cabinet in a bid to revolutionize control cabinet construction and automation altogether.

Mastercam Multiaxis Machining Increases Productivity

Mastercam Multiaxis is an add-on for Mastercam Mill 3D, Router 3D, Mill-Turn, and Mastercam for SOLIDWORKS®, in line with the fact that multiaxis machining can significantly increase a shop’s competitiveness.

igus’ QuickRobot Online Tool Makes Equipping Robots Easier

igus GmbH provides a free online tool for quick configuration of the individual energy chain system for 418 robots with the expanded QuickRobot. Product videos, for example, are new features that aid in the selection process.

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS’ Intelligent Drives Improve Availability

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS’ intelligent PLC drive technology evaluates analogue and digital data quickly, efficiently, and comprehensively, laying the groundwork for condition monitoring and predictive maintenance, while also increasing availability.

ABB Introduces Flameproof Low Voltage Motors for Use in Explosive Environment

ABB India has introduced a new line of flameproof (FLP) motors, which are suitable for use in potentially explosive environments.

Aerotech Launches a Compact Hexapod for Precise 6-DOF Motion

Aerotech Inc, a global leader in precision motion control and automation, has released the HEX150-140HL, a miniature hexapod six-degree-of-freedom (DOF) positioning system that provides the precise translation in the X, Y, and Z directions as well as rotation around each of these axes.

Hypertherm Introduces Production Manager for ProNest CAD/CAM Nesting Software

Hypertherm, a manufacturer of industrial cutting systems and software, has recently announced the release of Production Manager, an optional module for its ProNest® advanced CAD/CAM nesting software.

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