New Products

ELGi Introduces Air~Alert IoT System for Enhanced Compressed Air Efficiency

Elgi Equipments Ltd, one of the world’s leading air compressor manufacturers, announced the introduction of Air~Alert, an IoT-based Air Compressor Monitoring System, for the Indian market.

Marposs Enhances Machine Tool Efficiency

Bentivoglio, Italy – Marposs SpA, as a specialist in the monitoring and measuring field, plays an important role in the automation and profitability of production.

Formlabs India Lowers Form 3+ 3D Printer Prices Significantly

Formlabs, a pioneering leader in the 3D printing industry, announced a substantial 30 percent reduction in the consumer price of its flagship product, the Form 3+, effective September 7, 2023.


Spray Paint Booth DB-15 from Techexpert Engineering has the following features:

Presetter Machines

The E346+ Presetter Machine from Nickunj Eximp has been built using a larger structure which provides greater precision, stability, and reliability. Designed to offer the best, it does not require any periodic calibration and adapts perfectly to any production context.

Smart Friction Welders

For the last three decades, ETA has been providing unparalleled ROI to its more than 200 customers in over 20 countries. Continuing that tradition, the company brings its latest iteration of Smart Friction Welders in DMTX 2023.

ECO-Cut Series for Performance and Durability

Svurg Digital System Solutions’ ECO-Cut series CNC Routers are claimed to be the best-in-class machines. The ECO-Cut Series CNC router offers a self-contained and ready-to-use solution, boasting high precision, repeat accuracy, and energy efficiency.

STM VD 510 for Mass Production

STM’s VD 510, a high-speed, high-productivity Drill Tap Center is a compact multi-tasking Speedo machine used for the machining of Automotive parts, Electronic parts, and Aerospace parts for mass production.

Precision Deburring of Flat Surfaces

Grind Master offers a wide range of Conveyorized Belt Grinding and Brushing machines that are used for Precision Deburring of Flat Punched and Fine Blanked parts like Clutch Plates, Discs, Sector Gears, Brake Pads, Bearing Thrust Washers, and Sintered Parts like stator, rotor, cover plate, distribution plate of common rail pump, fuel injection parts, valve plates of compressors etc.

CNC Wire Cut EDM Machines

Concord United Products has introduced its new high-speed CNC wire cut EDM machine with a reusable molybdenum servo drive C Frame design having a travel Axis of 320×400, which is an advanced and efficient tool for producing precise parts with a maximum cutting speed of 150 mm²/min for conductive materials under standard test conditions.

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