The ever-changing technological requirements and standards for aerospace manufacturing indicate a rapid pace of innovation unlike ever before, but many can get stuck using outdated tools and application methods at the expense of tool life, security and of course – cost.

New demands lead to new development in technologies and materials. To be at the industry forefront and deliver the next generation of products, it is necessary to drive innovation towards new cutting solutions, including cutting tools and processes.

Sandvik Coromant provides optimized solutions based on its long-term commitment to the Aero industry, R&D and collaboration with leading OEMs and knowledge partners. Our focus is always to deliver innovative tools and proven solutions that meet the high demands from the industry.

Challenges to be tackled

Following are some of the biggest and latest challenges in Aerospace:

Challenge #1: The unpredictable nature of alloys and composites

Heat resistant super alloys (HRSAS) – as their name indicates – do not easily conduct heat. As a result, the heat is transferred onto the cutting tool, reducing tool life, which, in turn, can lead to strain and work hardening in the component being machined.

Hardness is a major factor in tool choice as more force is required to cut the material and form a chip, so it will significantly influence the cutting data and speed. Different combinations of layered materials are very difficult to machine. Entrance and exit layers may differ from supplier to supplier, making it difficult to achieve the same results when the recipes for the material are inconsistent. Newer thermoplastic applications are coming up for composites with lower melting points, rendering traditional high speed, light feed strategy for commodity thermoplastics ineffective with composites that have tougher and more abrasive fillers, or both. Composites also absorb impact energy by damage modes rather than plastic deformation, so failures in composite materials tend to be sudden and disastrous.

Challenge #2: Part complexity and regulations

The Aerospace industry is one of the most highly regulated, which can occasionally choke productivity and process expectations. Many engine parts experience a shape constraint due to mass flow requirements – for example blisks – which can be quite the challenge for standard tooling. Thin walls and tight features are the norm for a blisk – the traditional design trade-offs between part shape and manufacturability simply don’t apply. Every part has to be machined exactly as designed; there is no wiggle room for mistakes or imperfections. It’s a locked process. When it comes to finishing operations, if a tool is changed, it might trigger a long process of paperwork and approval, maybe even a destructive inspection of the part after it was created for quality control.

Tips to overcome hurdles

One of the best ways to handle challenging components is with solid carbide tooling with a trochoidal technique, especially if you’re looking to achieve light engagement with a high feed.

As for HRSAs, proprietary Sandvik Coromant coatings such as Inveio and Zertivo create a thermal barrier which helps protect the substrate from failure. They’re also equipped with adhesion reducing properties that help reduce the formation of build-up edge (BUE). It all comes down to cycle and accuracy.

Additionally, rather than looking at cost per tool, it is best to consider cost per component. How many changes and adjustments do you make during the operation? Are the accuracy and surface quality satisfactory? Is this tool path giving you optimal performance and results? Are you actively trying to reduce the amount of scrap?

For process security and minimum run-out in applications requiring high metal removal rates,
use a CoroChuck™ 930 hydraulic chuck with sealed cylindrical collet.

Sandvik Coromant puts more resources into research and development than any other company in the metal cutting industry. This has resulted in numerous tooling innovations. By pursuing long-term research projects within the framework of various national and international research programs, it constantly develops its knowledge as a foundation for future innovations.

Flexibility, while saving time and money

The Coromant Capto® modular tool holding system gives flexibility to optimize the required length, while keeping maximum stability and minimum radial run-out for high metal removal rates. Stability and modularity combined with the shank clearance are essential for machining long overhangs and reaches.

The modularity also reduces the required tool inventory, and the quick-change system saves a lot of set-up time, compared to conventional holders.

Strong and reliable grade chain for titanium milling

Grade S30T focuses on productivity and cutting speed, while S40T improves security in unstable and difficult machining conditions, for example when the cutter path is not optimized.

For optimum stability

For process security and minimum run-out in applications requiring high metal removal rates, use a CoroChuck™ 930 hydraulic chuck with sealed cylindrical collet. Easy handling combined with the best pull-out security on the market, for high-precision repetition. You can choose from HD, slender, and pencil versions, with a large number of machine interfaces.

Maximum versatility using Coromant EH modular systems

The Coromant EH exchangeable-head system makes it possible to choose from an extensive variety of heads, adaptors and shanks, to build exactly the tool you need.

Combine the head required for the operation with round shanks, Coromant Capto®, or HSK clamping standards. Use long or short adaptors, with optional coolant or Silent Tools™.

Vibration-free machining with long overhangs

Silent Tools™ damped solutions for milling enables machining of long overhangs that otherwise would be difficult to reach. Chatter and vibration are effectively eliminated, the machining parameters can be increased, and process security improved.

CoroMill® 390 with integrated Silent Tools™ technology is a merge of the most versatile milling cutter concept and Silent Tools™ for unrivalled productivity with small diameter milling cutters on slender undersized shanks. The concept is available for insert sizes 07 and 11 for minimized vibration and increased productivity.

Whether you increase your metal removal, improve your surface finish, secure your process, or reduce your production costs, you will certainly enjoy the silence.


Sandvik Coromant provides a wide range of milling cutters for high feed milling in titanium,
such as CoroMill® 415, CoroMill® 210, CoroMill® 316 and solid carbide end mill CoroMill® Plura.

Titanium drilling

CoroDrill® 880 brings the best combination of process stability and productivity. The reinforced drill body is now stiffer for applications of 4–5xD. This gives a reliable drilling experience and superior hole quality.

CoroDrill® 880 provides efficient chip evacuation in all materials and a smooth entrance into the workpiece featuring Step Technology™. It is also available for larger holes, equipped with replaceable rigid cartridges for high reliability, flexibility and process security.

CoroDrill® 870 is the exchangeable tip drill with an accurate and secure interface between the tip and tool body. The tool features high productivity, a close H9-H10 hole tolerance and grades that offer excellent tool life.

CoroDrill® R846 delivers great hole tolerance and quality with high process security, this using a unique geometry, a high-quality
edge line and a wear- resistant top coating.

Reduce inventory and cut costs

The CoroMill® 316 exchangeable milling heads allow quick, easy, and accurate switches between various operations. With a quick tool change, you can get the perfectly suited end mill type, radius variation, tooth frequency, geometry, and grade.

A strong cutting head and shank interface provides high strength for roughing and high rigidity for finishing.

High stiffness and low deflection make it possible to machine deep pockets with long overhangs, as well as allowing high accuracy in finishing operations.

Internal coolant on selected assortment delivers superior chip evacuation and a secure cutting process.

Productivity, versatility, reduced inventory, quality and tool costs are main advantages with CoroMill® 316.

The CoroDrill® 863 family is developed for titanium material stacks or in combination with other materials such as aluminum, stainless steel, CFRP or HRSA.

These drills are the perfect solutions for ADU and CNC machining applications. Advanced engineered solutions are available for more challenging applications.

High feed milling

Sandvik Coromant provides a wide range of milling cutters for high feed milling in titanium, such as CoroMill® 415, CoroMill® 210, CoroMill® 316 and solid carbide end mill CoroMill® Plura.

CoroMill® 415 is a small-diameter high feed face milling concept. The high metal removal rate and the four-edged inserts provide reduced cost per component and increased productivity.

The cutter also provides a reliable, secure performance thanks to the unique iLock™ insert clamping interface.

CoroMill® 415 can be combined with the Coromant EH exchangeable head coupling and Silent Tools™ damped adaptors for vibration-free machining.

Long-edge cutter for highest metal removal

The CoroMill® 690 long-edge cutter has been developed exclusively for 2D profiling, pocketing, and edging of titanium. The iLock™ interface prevents insert movement and enables high metal removal rates with security. Its design makes it cut light and require minimum power. Each coolant hole is threaded to allow small-diameter nozzles for high pressure coolant applications.

Solid carbide end mills for quality-demanding components

For quality-demanding components and difficult applications, CoroMill® Plura is the answer. CoroMill® Plura guarantees close tolerances and efficient machining.

The offer includes optimized tools with geometries and grades specific for titanium, maximizing your production levels. Complementary to the standard assortment are our customized solutions. There you can choose between tailor-made or advanced engineered solutions, depending on your application complexity.

Effective and secure profile and face milling

CoroMill® 600 is a modern innovative milling cutter with ramping capability, based on Sandvik Coromant’s unique iLock™ insert clamping solution. This means easy and accurate indexing, with no need to remove the holding screw.

The innovative insert geometry generates light cutting action. The cutter is designed for roughing and semi-finishing, and has through coolant with pre-threaded coolant holes for applications with high-pressure coolant.

Global support for the aerospace industry

In situations where the standard product assortment is not enough, many products have an extended tailor-made programme, where one can choose from a wide range of parameters to fit the application.

Using engineered solutions, an even higher degree of customization is possible. By designing the tools according to the specific component requirements, maximum process quality can be obtained.

In order to help our customers quickly and accurately, we have a large number of centers around the world, for training, engineered solutions and customer support.

Source : Sandvik Coromant

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