The Indian manufacturing industry has changed its course and taken a different path, the policy framework for which was set forth by the Government of India around three to four years ago with its ‘Make in India’ initiative.

Changing the Manufacturing Landscape in India

The Indian manufacturing landscape is undergoing a rapid change. Industries are gearing up to meet customers’ demands, both in terms of quality as well as quantity.

The Thrill of Getting Up, Close and Personal

I have often been asked what drives me to continent-hop and travel across the length and breadth of the globe to visit trade shows so religiously. Why, some wonder, do I need to be in the thick of things, almost always.

Does Strategizing Work in your Organization?

Organizations strategize to achieve their key objectives. However, the achievement is largely dependent on the actions on the ground floor, which means the top floor and shop floor should act in unison.

Automotive Industry Growth to Fuel Machine Tool Industry Growth

Industrial inventions are key at igniting economic growth of a country. Technology plays an important role in this. Technological innovations fostered through greater use of artificial intelligence, robotics, internet of things and data-based networks in economical and sociological applications, and the tilt towards green industries will redefine the functioning of manufacturing industry in future.


Technologies of today are sure to become obsolete tomorrow. Change is inevitable. To sustain itself in business and make the best of it, manufacturing industry needs to keep innovating continuously. This will enable it to stay relevant in the face of rising competition. Customer aspirations and demands being in constant flux also pose a challenge to the industry. To overcome that, the industry has to have a clarity on their needs to offer them the right products and choices.

Harness Technology to Vitalize and Orient Marketing

The most important responsibility of the Chief of Marketing in any organization is managing marketing profitability and delivering the best return from marketing resources. Strategies and plans must deliver current and future profits to keep the organization healthy and growing. How should then he or she manage these resources; should the CMO be driven by insight from markets and customers or by the data or by relationships?

Moving Forward Together takes care of Success!

Recently the most awaited full-month sport spectacle – Fédération Internationale de Football Association (FIFA) World Cup – concluded captivating the entire planet with its magnitude and an all-encompassing importance. The global football epidemic was an incomprehensible force that taught us several lessons that hold true for today’s marketplace.

Panoramic Perspective

In mature markets, it is a massive challenge to successfully compete and thrive. There exist countless issues to deal with, problems to address and processes to be put in place in order to manage them. The companies that are most likely to emerge successful in a sustainable manner are the performers that can achieve an optimal balance between their customers, cost competitiveness, operational agility and market confidence.

Growth Opportunities in Sunrise Sectors

India’s machine tool industry has been coasting well over the last one year. The demand for machine tools is estimated to be `14,250 crore in FY 17-18. Production is estimated to have grown by 26 percent and consumption is estimated to have grown by 23 percent during this period. India is ranked 10th in production and 8th in consumption in Global rankings as per Gardner Research Survey 2018.

Publisher’s Note

A remarkable year has passed by since the re-launch of Modern Manufacturing India (MMI) magazine under the IMTMA (Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers’ Association) banner. It has been an eventful ride. The innovations that we made in the typeface, content and design have struck a chord with our readers. The favorable review that we have received will further spur us in our onward journey as the magazine enters its second year of publication.

Consistency is the key to Stepping Up

Time is fleeting. This adage, though daunting, is a gentle nudge to stay single-mindedly committed while steering a course to success in the given timeframe.

Boosting Productivity on the Manufacturing Floor

Shane Strowski, President of Precision Waterjet & Laser, lists tips to help increase shop floor success.


ll good companies do things right and hence become successful. However, in times of mature markets and intense competition, the need to go beyond the established comfort zones arises and the subtle nuances of ‘Customer Experience’ become increasingly relevant.

Publisher’s Note

Reading a magazine becomes thoroughly enjoyable when you see depth, value and intensity in the subjects covered in it. Modern Manufacturing India (MMI) has made its mark by covering the most up-to-date information relating to advancements in manufacturing and bringing to the doorsteps of our readers.

Empowering MSMEs to the next level of manufacturing

A significant number of MSMEs dot India’s manufacturing landscape. It may be noted that these many MSMEs are the primary drivers for sustained growth of the country’s GDP. India banks on these units in its onward march to greater heights.

The possibilities are endless

It’s a profound truth that legends never die. With the recent passing away of Stephen William Hawking, the noted physicist, cosmologist and author, there was more a sense of awe and admiration than grief. Struck with ALS at the age of 21, the gifted scientist was told that his days were numbered. He stayed for over 55 years after that, revolutionizing physics with his groundbreaking work on “Black Holes” and Cosmology.

Publisher’s Note

The year 2017 was a new beginning for Modern Manufacturing India (MMI) as the magazine was rebranded under the leadership of Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers’ Association (IMTMA). The Manufacturing industry has welcomed the new-look magazine with an overwhelming response.

To sell just a machine or to sell value of the solution using machines?

are you puzzled when a machine with ample specifications and features fails when it hits the market? Is it more baffling when you are not able to decipher the codes for this technological catastrophe? Was it a flaw in technology or in the adaptability to technology? Was it the cost? Here, one needs to dive deeper to realize that the fault may not necessarily be in the machine — it could be in the market mechanics also.

There is always room at the top

My profession comprises unearthing stories that must be told for a range of reasons that include inspiring myself before they reach others. One such story fell on my lap while visiting one of India’s biggest Grinding Machine Manufacturer’s facility at Bangalore.

An ode to the game changers

That India is emulating the global trend of self-employment is evident from the various startups mushrooming all over the country across a myriad of sectors. It is not the sloth of striving for someone else or the desire for a better work-life balance or more income that is driving the younger generation towards such risk-taking ventures that come with no guarantee of success. On the contrary, they end up putting in more work hours and earning less on an average.

Picking up the pace

Necessity has always been the reason for inventions. Of late, the industry too has started feeling an acute need for the academia to pay heed to the changing times and bring forth a workforce that is ready to cater to the dynamic global market place.

Trade fairs: More than just a marketing instrument

From gaining visibility to striking new deals, exhibitions and trade shows offer opportunities no business would want to miss out on. It is a strategy that has withstood the test of time, playing a significant role in the success of most machine tool companies that have been reaping rich dividends in terms of experience, product development, while forging relationships, building brand and, most importantly, bringing sales from new markets.

Fueling Manufacturing GROWTH

Welcome once again to Modern Manufacturing India (MMI) magazine July 2017 edition.

Publishers Note

Modern Manufacturing India (MMI) magazine has had a grand beginning. Our widely circulated bimonthly magazine has been well-accepted by the global manufacturing fraternity and serves as a reading lens to the manufacturing world that is constantly undergoing changes with technology replacing labor.

Encouraging Fidelity in Business

In the manufacturing B2B space, most of us believe our customers are loyal since we keep getting repeat business from them over time. It is also perceived that the capital equipment purchase in manufacturing is driven by the same sentiment because it is fairly common to see lines of machines from the same manufacturer. However, a different picture emerges when we seriously ponder over the noble quality of loyalty and its attributes.


At the outset, I wholeheartedly thank you, “our valuable readers”, for your encouraging words on the refreshed version of MMI. Your continued support and faith provide us the confidence to recognise opportunities coming our way and make the best of them while reaching out to a wider global audience.

GST: As Seen from a Manufacturing Perspective

Viewed from a business perspective, the Goods and Services Tax (GST) bill is on a mission — that of unifying India into a “one single market” for the ease of doing business. This, of course, has never been seen or experienced before.

Global Component Manufacturing: What’s ahead?

The role as well as the operations played by Indian component manufacturing companies in the global supply chain have been evolving and gaining scale over the last two decades. The next few years, however, are expected to be tumultuous.

Being on the edge of success

To gain a competitive edge over low-cost suppliers, manufacturers of solid carbide tools should invest in the pre-requisites that guarantee optimum grinding results at significantly reduced process costs, along with a long tool life.

Nothing changes if nothing changes!

Welcome back to your very own Modern Manufacturing India! We have been crafting for the past few weeks to present to you the new look of the magazine. Our efforts were sought to bring forth an original as well as familiar descendant of the publication.

Dawn of a New Era in Manufacturing

I welcome you once again to Modern Manufacturing India (MMI) which will now be published under the Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers’ Association (IMTMA) banner.

Publishers Note

We are delighted to bring you the Modern Manufacturing India (MMI) magazine. Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers’ Association (IMTMA) now owns this magazine and will publish this under its banner. As you would appreciate it, manufacturing doesn’t succeed in isolation. The thoughts, innovations and actions
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