Lightweight Construction Calls for Fast Laser Machines

People yearn for mobility, but they must also be able to breathe. Contradictory requirements lead to the unavoidable conclusion that mobility must become more sustainable

The Sun Always Rises

Since time immemorial pandemics have brought moments of halt, helplessness, and despair, leaving a lasting effect on human civilization. To date, COVID-19 has been one of the direst threats the world has ever faced. If, on one hand, it has induced fear, dread, confusion, and anxiety, on the other, it has also created hope, resilience, solidarity, and a spurt of technological innovations.

Publisher’s Note

Our country has been navigating through many uncertainties for quite some time now and although the threat of a third wave looms large with the discovery of Delta variant, state governments are perhaps more prepared this time to tackle emergencies.

Towards a Strong Comeback

The Indian Manufacturing industry has stayed resilient and is working to overcome all the challenges over the past two years due to the impact of the Covid-19 pandemic and the overall economic situation.

Training the Next Generation of Technical Experts

Kiran Acharya, Managing Director, Sandvik Asia Pvt Ltd, part of the Sandvik Group, explains how the Sandvik Group is providing young people in India with a springboard for a career in manufacturing, as well as access to some of the industry’s most cutting-edge technologies.

Technological Trends in 2021 Transform Automotive Manufacturing

The automotive industry has a great mix of tech and industrial sector disruptors to create innovative solutions.


We are at such a point in time in our life when we are experiencing in flesh and blood what was until now studied as history, read as stories, or seen as movies. It never even occurred to us that we could be subject to something as calamitous.

Publisher’s Note

India has been caught unawares by a strong second wave of the Covid-19 pandemic. The war is not over yet as the virus has come back with more penetrating force than it did last year with more human casualties than expected.

Remembering ‘Bala Sir’ – Missed Beyond Measure

When one leads to leave a legacy, the leadership is focused on significance and not just success. Such people create the greatest impact and influence on those who look up to them.

Facing Crisis with Resilience

We are finding ourselves in the midst of a second wave of the Covid pandemic. Though these are testing times, we must stay resilient and ride over this unprecedented challenge with grit and confidence as we did last year.

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