Realizing the strategic importance of sectors such as defence, aerospace, space, and aviation, the Government of India has earmarked them for growth. The development in each of these domains gets percolated to other sectors and impacts the overall growth of technology and economy of the country, also providing significant opportunities for the Indian machine tool industry.

Liquid Engineering at Work

A coolant’s function does not just stop at protecting an engine from heat and cold. It performs a wide range of critical functions, making its selection and maintenance of high significance.


A look at how Industry 4.0 technologies can boost production by increasing the efficiency of manufacturing, and how digitalization is revolutionizing the metal cutting industry…

Electric Vehicles: Seeing the Big Picture

Powering the electric vehicle segment will need concerted effort from all stakeholders to make it truly safe, secure and sustainable.

Celebrating Precision

Synonymous with CNC machining centers and turnkey solutions, CHIRON celebrates 100 years of success this year, a result of continued and collective commitment to its customers. Representing the Group’s companies in India is CHIRON India Machine Tools that mirrors the Group’s core values of having the courage to try new things and recognizing opportunities early on…

Chasing Efficiency

Safran Transmission Systems chose Dassault Systèmes’ 3DEXPERIENCE platform including the Co-Design to Target industry solution experience to deliver digital continuity across all product-related departments. Here’s what led to this decision and other benefits obtained…

Leading Manufacturing Modernization

Industrial robots are the future of Indian manufacturing, where factories will have zero labor fatigue, zero accidents, and improved quality and productivity with the help of an efficient synchronization between man and machine.


Everyone involved with CNC machining understands the importance of checking and verifying the machining process before applying a cutting tool to the raw material. Below are reasons why independent G-Code verification software such as VERICUT from CGTech makes for an ideal choice.


Innovation Filter System, with its innovative filtration and separation solutions, has created a benchmark in the industry. To ensure balance in the ecosystem with reduced pollutants and waste, it is helping companies take a step towards green manufacturing, and build a safer, healthier, and sustainable future for all.


Chennai-based next-gen startup Jidoka Technologies is in the field of automated cognitive inspection, delivering AI-powered defect detection systems for mitigating pain points experienced by the manufacturing industry. Read on to know about the founders’ path-breaking automated QC solutions and their plans for a smart tomorrow…
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