The Sun Always Rises

Since time immemorial pandemics have brought moments of halt, helplessness, and despair, leaving a lasting effect on human civilization. To date, COVID-19 has been one of the direst threats the world has ever faced. If, on one hand, it has induced fear, dread, confusion, and anxiety, on the other, it has also created hope, resilience, solidarity, and a spurt of technological innovations.

The global pandemic has put a spotlight on the power of automation, technology, and digitalization. Companies that have leveraged the pandemic as an opportunity to migrate to digital technologies are able to outperform their peers. Albert Einstein’s phrase, “In the midst of every crisis, lies great opportunity” resonates in these times of incertitude. Organizations are open to new initiatives as they seize the opportunity to emerge stronger.

Globally, countries are focusing on manufacturing and redeveloping their local supply networks to meet their own needs. Pandemic-related accomplishments like deploying new technologies in a shorter time than before, making faster decisions, empowering teams, and moving to more flexible working models are providing a winning edge to entities in a competitive landscape.

To this end, the present MMI issue highlights how the Fourth Industrial Revolution (4IR) is acting as a great enabler in driving digitization strongly across the manufacturing industries in this pandemic.

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Modern Manufacturing India 

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