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Synonymous with CNC machining centers and turnkey solutions, CHIRON celebrates 100 years of success this year, a result of continued and collective commitment to its customers. Representing the Group’s companies in India is CHIRON India Machine Tools that mirrors the Group’s core values of having the courage to try new things and recognizing opportunities early on…

Bangalore-based CHIRON India Machine Tools has represented the companies of the CHIRON Group in india since 2011. The Group celebrates its 100th year of success coinciding with the 10th year of its India subsidiary and continues carving new paths.

Rajesh Ghashi, Managing Director, CHIRON India Machine Tools Pvt Ltd, briefs us on this historic occasion for the company, “Yes, it’s been a decade now since we started CHIRON India, and we are proud to celebrate our success along with the 100th year celebration of CHIRON. We thank all our patrons, customers, well-wishers, suppliers for all their support and acceptance they have provided us to serve them. We are really motivated and are looking forward to expand our operations in India to serve the market much better.”

With offices in Bangalore, Chennai, Pune, and Gurugram, CHIRON India offers comprehensive consulting on the selection of the right CNC machining centers. Elaborating on the services extended to the customers in India, he shares, “CHIRON India is responsible for all the pre-sales and after-sales service support for all the CHIRON Group products sold in India. On the sales side, once we have acquired a potential customer, we discuss the specific requirements and offer them the best turnkey manufacturing solutions with the commitment of quality and quantity. On the service side, we carry out all the installation and commissioning of machines. We also offer maintenance training, annual maintenance packages, repair and retrofit services of machines to our customers.”

Well-received in Indian market

Even though CHIRON India is in the niche market space, the Indian market has been quite good for the company. “Today, we have more than 500 machines in the market and most of our customers have a multiple number of our machines. Secondly, more than 80 percent of our customers have multiple spindle machines. This only proves we are well accepted in the Indian market and see a lot more potential here,” he says.

Among the various industry sectors the company caters to, the Automotive sector has been a major revenue spinner for it in India. Its major Indian and international customers include Bosch, Sandvik, Sunbeam, and Turbo Energy. “The Auto sector is where we have supplied most of our turnkey machines,” he adds.

When asked how is CHIRON coping with the rapid pace of digitalization and Industry 4.0 in the Manufacturing sector, Ghashi shares, “CHIRON is well prepared and we offer our smart line solutions which include various modules like Remote line for remote diagnoses, Data line for shop floor analysis, Protect & Touch line for machine protection, Process line for support in simulation & programming, and Condition line for supporting maintenance.”

The company has already geared up with its plans for the Indian market and in the future will set up an Application Center along with localization. “We already have our component sourcing set-up in India and we would like this to grow. Since the pandemic broke in the end of 2019, we had to slow down a little but we will soon be ready to take the next steps.”

CHIRON offers its smart line solutions including modules like Remote line for remote diagnoses,
Data line for 
shop floor analysis, Protect & Touch line for machine protection, Process line
for support in simulation & programming, 
and Condition line for supporting maintenance.

The pandemic impact

The industry has been severely hit by the Covid-19 pandemic. Ghashi informs that CHIRON too has not been spared by its impact on the business. “The pandemic has surely hit the Manufacturing sector globally and has also affected our business in India as our major customers are in the Automotive sector,” he shares.

“It’s very hard to predict as to when the industry would recover to the pre-pandemic levels as a lot depends on how we are going to control the virus, vaccinate the masses and regain the customer confidence. Now that we have seen the second wave and are predicting the third wave, it’s already the end of 2021. We hope the recovery should start somewhere in the 2nd - 3rd quarters of 2022,” he concludes on an optimistic note.



Poonam Pednekar
Chief Copy Editor
Magic Wand Media Inc

Source: CHIRON India Machine Tools Pvt Ltd

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