The Spanish Advanced Manufacturing Sector Resumes International Activity

San Sebastian, Spain - The Spanish machine tool and advanced manufacturing sector’s businesses are resuming their international promotion with a strong final quarter this year following a hiatus in trade fair activity caused by the pandemic. From September 6-9, sixteen manufacturers exhibited at the Global Industrie fair in Lyon, France: Correa, Danobat, Denn, Diper, Fagor Automation, GH Group, Grupo Gomur, Grindel, Gurutzpe, Lantek, Mitxelena, Naivan, ONA, Soraluce, Trimek, and Zubiola. Similarly, Fabtech 2021 is being held from September 13-16, in Chicago, and a number of Spanish companies are participating, including Denn, Geka, GH Group, Lantek, and Tecoi.

The world’s top fair in the sector, EMO MILANO 2021, will be held in Milan from October 4-10. There will be 34 AFM Cluster (Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Machine Tools, Accessories, Parts and Tools) associates exhibiting their products in the 2,808 m² exhibition space. Italy is one of Spain’s main export destinations, and its economy has seen a significant uptick in recent months as a result of the government’s tax stimulus package. Milan, Italy’s regional capital with the highest industrial density, will host the event, which will feature powerful industrial sectors such as car manufacturing, machine tools, heavy machinery, chemical industries, and so on.

The event + INDUSTRY, which will take place from October 26-28, 2021 and will include seven trade fairs, will be the European benchmark event in terms of manufacturing and supplies for industry 4.0. The Spanish machine tool and advanced manufacturing sector will have a significant presence, with participating partners including Albero, AM Solutions, Amets, Ansys, Autopulit, Bronymec, CEIT, Comecaran, Hiperbaric, IDDO, IMH, Industrial Recense, LAIP, Lortek, Hepyc, Mecaprec, Metalúrgica Marina, Pixel, and Resortes Galicia.

In addition, AFM, advanced manufacturing technologies, the Spanish Association of Machine Tool, Accessory, Part and Tool Manufacturers’ will host the 6th Advanced and Digital Manufacturing Conference at + INDUSTRY, which will provide opportunities for SMEs, startups, large companies, training and research centers to network with potential customers and suppliers, as well as form partnerships for technological commercial deals and R&D&i projects.

The Blechexpo trade show, which will take place in Stuttgart (Germany) between October 26-29, 2021 will feature eleven companies: Athader, Denn, Dimeco, Ekicontrol, Fagor Arrasate, Garabi, Goizper, Lantek, Loire Gestamp, MHG, and Nidec Arisa. To cap off the year and round out the calendar of international events for 2021, EMAF will be held in Oporto (Portugal) from December 1-4.

Image Source: AFM (Spanish Association of Manufacturers of Machine Tools, Accessories, Parts and Tools)

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