In the earlier issues, we have been talking about chasing goals, appraisals, reviews etc. all in the context of getting ahead and seeking to reach the level we covet. It is important, at this juncture, to understand and internalize the art of letting go. We can get to the next stage only when we let go of our present position.

We are living in changing times where VUCA world is a standard vocabulary. We are experiencing disruptions like never before, from the most unexpected sources, and terms like gig economy, skill economy, etc. keep making rounds and demand from us continuous learning of them.

For which, unlearning takes the center stage. This just does not involve unlearning skills and knowledge that we have, but more importantly the frame works and attitudes that we work from. As Alvin Toffler implied that the illiterate of the coming times are not those who cannot read and write but those who don’t learn, unlearn and relearn.

The situation and circumstances for our initial learnings could no more be valid in the changed present the same things look different in the new light. Unlearning is and should be pursued as an empowering process that helps change our paradigm. Unlearning is not something that can be achieved in a day but is a process that unfolds with time. Letting go of what we know and giving way to new ideas and ways demands persistent effort with the acceptance that our current knowledge is not enough.

We are comfortable with this reality in our physical journeys. If we need to get to Mumbai, we must move from Bangalore. However, in our personal, professional and organizational journeys, it is paradoxical that we want to reach somewhere but do not want to move.

An organization is an actual living entity made by individuals. How one impacts and shapes the other is complex to decipher, and it is in this context that the culture of the organization is critical and on which the success is built. Purpose, Vision, Mission and Values like fostering respect, encouraging diversity and creativity, embracing failure, evaluating risks, and adapting holistically and truly can be major differentiators. Hence, in these days of change and learning, organizations must wisely encourage choosing among alternative models or paradigms, and consciously help their human resources unlearn to learn.

TK Ramesh
Managing Director
Micromatic Machine Tools Pvt Ltd

The views expressed by the author are personal and he can be contacted at rameshtkr@gmail.com

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