FPT Industrial Powered Tractor Engines Bags EIMA’s Sustainability Award

Turin, Italy – FPT Industrial N67 NG engine powered New Holland T6.180 Methane Power tractor, wins the Sustainable 2022 ‘Tractor of the Year’ prize by the jury at the EIMA International trade fair in Bologna, Italy.

The award was given to the New Holland T6.180 Methane Power because it represents a step forward towards more sustainable farming. FPT Industrial is now pioneering the introduction of Natural Gas technology in off-road applications, with customized engine solutions for installation on agricultural equipment, leveraging more than 20 years of experience in Natural Gas engine development, as evidenced by over 60,000 units sold globally.

The N67 NG for the T6 Methane Power delivers the same power as the Diesel version, with up to 130 kW @ 1,800 rpm, 740 Nm torque @ 1,500 rpm, and the same durability and maintenance intervals, with an oil change interval of 600 hours, ensuring end-users equivalent in-field performance and operation. Stage V compliance is achieved with a simple, maintenance-free three-way catalyst that does not require EGR, DPF, or SCR, maximizing reliability, machine uptime, and efficiency.

CO2 emissions are reduced by a minimum of 10 percent in real-world agricultural working conditions when compared to a standard diesel tractor and are close to zero when running on biomethane. Furthermore, polluting emissions are reduced by an average of 80 percent when compared to a standard Diesel engine.

Farm tasks are varied and sometimes complex, but nothing is impossible with the right technology on a tractor, or a combine powered by FPT Industrial. They can use variable-geometry and two-stage turbochargers, high-pressure Common Rail injection, patented after-treatment systems, and other technologies depending on the mission requirements. FPT Industrial powered engines are environmentally friendly while increasing efficiency and lowering maintenance requirements. In 2011, the company was the first to introduce an SCR-only solution on Diesel engines for agricultural applications, allowing farmers to meet the most stringent environmental regulations without sacrificing productivity. Since then, the company's patented HI-eSCR and HI-eSCR2 technology has improved the system and its benefits even more. Recently, the company added natural gas versions to its offering in order to meet even more sustainable farming needs.

FPT Industrial engines powered approximately one-third of the candidates in the three ‘Tractor of the Year’ 2022 categories, confirming the trust that the world’s leading tractor brands place in their technology, reliability, efficiency, and sustainability for the most demanding applications.

Image Source: CNH Industrial

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