Digital-ready Solutions, Innovations, Cyber Security, and e-mobility—Key Drivers of Power Sector

Vipul Ray, President, Indian Electrical & Electronics Manufacturers’ Association

Mumbai, India – The IEEMA Annual Convention’s concluding session, ‘CEO’s Session on Reimagining the World of Electricity’, witnessed the presence of stalwarts from the electrical equipment industry. Sanjeev Sharma, CEO, ABB India Ltd; Sunil Mathur, MD, and CEO, Siemens India Ltd; and Vimal Kejriwal, MD & CEO, KEC International Ltd, discussed key issues such as the domestic supply chain, innovations, policy aspects, and creating green and clean energy solutions for the future.

Stating that the Indian electrical sector is poised for transformation, the key drivers for staying ahead of the curve are innovation, investment in digital transformation, R&D, and quality, Vipul Ray, President, Indian Electrical & Electronics Manufacturers’ Association (IEEMA), added, “As digitization brings a lot of vulnerability, we need to be more secure towards cyber threats. We, as an industry body, need to focus on protocols and their Standardization. IEEMA is committed towards building a robust, healthy, and dynamic Indian electrical equipment industry, encompassing the complete value chain in power generation, transmission, and distribution equipment.”

While the power sector has been overhauled in recent years, the coronavirus pandemic has highlighted the need for rapid technological advancement. Going forward, the emphasis on smart technology implementation, such as an evolved grid system, smart metering, and digital asset management, will aid in the transformation of the seemingly traditional, manpower-heavy sector into a smarter, more efficient power system, with each element in the value chain reimagining their processes and streamlining infrastructure.

Expressing his views in the session, Sharma mentioned, “The adoption of automation and digitalization needs to expand further. The MSME Sector needs to adapt new technologies as well as the supply chains built by the large players. There is a need to build a climate-resilient economy in cities basis energy efficiency, focusing on the environment and social progress.

In a similar vein, Mathur asserted, “The distribution network needs to be more robust and sustainable. The revamped distribution scheme not only calls for digital tools but also real-time monitoring. We believe that Cyber Security is going to be the foundation and a critical ingredient for any product and systems”

To this, Kejriwal added, “There is a strong need to strengthen the entire transmission and distribution system infrastructure. e-Mobility brings large business opportunities for IEEMA members, and we foresee a huge requirement of building green data centers. 3Cs (Cost, Consistency, and Commitment) need to be followed for the export market and also maintain product quality, both for local and export markets.”

Image Source: IEEMA 

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