Reflections to Move Forward

Again, it is that time of the year when it calls for reflection on our experiences, memories, events, achievements, and bloopers. In a retrospective mode, we make a note of what we learned from the past year as we move on to the next.

The year that is ending gave India a mixed bag of difficulties and defining moments in terms of success and failure. When confronting challenging situations, often the best path is through innovative solutions, collaborations, and partnerships. Likewise, to spur the country’s growth, efficiency, and investments, the Government is actively focusing on Public Private Partnerships (PPPs).

The launch of the Indian Space Association (ISpA) aims to accelerate India’s development in the Space industry and make the country a leading player in this segment. It is slated to facilitate private players to work with Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO). 

The focus of the association is on capacity building and the creation of space hubs and incubators in the country for private space start-ups. ISpA will work towards building global linkages for the Indian Space industry to bring in critical technology and investments into the country to create more high-skilled jobs.

In the same vein, the recent inauguration of the first operationalized private sector defence manufacturing facility in the Uttar Pradesh Defence Industrial Corridor (UPDIC) is termed as a ‘shining example’ of a strong PPP. The facility, run by Aerolloy Technologies Ltd, a subsidiary of PTC Industries Ltd, will manufacture parts of engines for aircraft and helicopters, structural components for aircraft, drones and UAVs, submarines, ultra-light artillery guns, and space launch vehicles. Also, the foundation stone was laid by Shri Rajnath Singh, Hon’ble Defence Minister, for an integrated metal manufacturing facility to produce key raw materials in titanium and other exotic alloys for aerospace applications to help significantly reduce the country’s dependence on imports.

In today’s competitive landscape, not only big conglomerates but also medium-sized enterprises 

are adopting advanced technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), Industry 4.0, Digital Manufacturing, and many more to become self-reliant and stay afloat.

Towards this endeavor, we present you this issue, highlighting how India is marching towards progress and keeping pace with technologies that would go a long way to make it ‘Atamanirbhar’ in true spirit.

As always, we solicit your valuable feedback to continue bringing you enriching stories.


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