IMTEX & IMTEX FORMING 2022: A Plug and Play of Innovations

IMTEX, South East Asia’s largest and most efficient industrial exhibition, is scheduled on January 20-26, 2022, at BIEC, Bengaluru. For the first time, the highly coveted show on machine tools is being held with IMTEX FORMING along with the concurrent shows ToolTech 2022 and Digital Manufacturing, to fulfil its promise to bring the best and latest in innovations…

A country’s ability in manufacturing is largely dependent on the proficiency of its Machine Tool industry. The Manufacturing industry is strong when the Machine Tool industry is strong. IMTEX, the flagship exhibition of the Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers’ Association (IMTMA), has been epitomizing this through its wide range of technology and solution displays for numerous industries.

The pandemic was a major disruptor for physical shows. Many events across the world were postponed. IMTEX too was rescheduled. For the first time in more than a decade, IMTEX 2022 is being held along with IMTEX FORMING, although only for this year, at the Bangalore International Exhibition Centre (BIEC) in Bengaluru, on January 20-26, 2022. Tooltech 2022 and Digital Manufacturing will also be held concurrently. While the former will showcase parts, accessories, and systems for machine tools and manufacturing technology, the latter will feature additive manufacturing and evolving Industry 4.0 concepts.

An iconic exhibition

Right from the time it was first organized in 1969 at Vikhroli Campus in Bombay, IMTEX created an instant impact. This set the tone for the exhibition to grow by several notches to emerge as the largest manufacturing and technology solutions show in South East Asia and become one of the very few exhibitions to complete 50 years. IMTEX is unique as it showcases only live machines of various sizes and magnitudes, which has never been seen before. The beauty of the show lies in the fact that it provides a distinctive opportunity to interact and understand new technologies and how those could be integrated into the manufacturing process. Visitors get enthralled when they see ‘live’ machines that enable user industries to procure the right machines. IMTEX also provides a learning platform for young engineers and entrepreneurs as they get an opportunity to learn from industry stalwarts about how manufacturing industries function.

A coveted brand

IMTEX is a place where innovations can be witnessed. New products, new customers, and new business deals are forged. The large-scale international participation and business generated is a major differentiator. This is why IMTEX is a successful brand, says Ravi Raghavan, President, IMTMA, as he reflects on what makes the show a grand success. The show has created a homogenous ecosystem of the entire machine tool world. Today, every industry that uses some kind of machine tool knows about IMTEX, and all companies are glad to showcase it on their websites and marketing materials. This has helped IMTEX achieve its iconic status.

Moving with the times

Having battled COVID-induced challenges, India’s economy is about to grow at around 10 percent, according to the latest Government estimates. The share of manufacturing will undoubtedly increase and many of the champion sectors will be keen to procure machines for their production lines, says V Anbu, Director General & CEO, IMTMA. According to him, IMTEX will achieve the twin goals of bringing the latest technologies and solutions to the doorsteps of manufacturers, besides showcasing the prowess of the Indian Machine Tool industry to overseas markets. The exhibition will showcase technologies focusing on metal cutting and metal forming, including 3D printing, automation, robotics, evolutionary Industry 4.0 concepts, and many more.
Anbu adds that IMTEX is a gateway that works purely on B2B dynamics. The exhibition showcases new developments and serves as a medium for developing new customers and entrepreneurs.

Safe exhibition

IMTMA, in organizing IMTEX & IMTEX FORMING 2022 at BIEC, is following all COVID-related protocols and safety norms laid down by the Government. Pre-registration of exhibitors, visitors, and service personnel are being done online. Visitors vaccinated with both doses alone will be permitted entry into BIEC. All other safety norms will be followed religiously.

IMTEX is a gateway that works purely on B2B dynamics. The exhibition showcases new developments and serves as a medium for developing new customers and entrepreneurs.

A series of coronavirus-induced lockdowns made in-person events impossible to hold in 2020 and much of 2021. However, things began to change with the vaccination drive picking up pace. The Ministry of Health & Family Welfare’s latest move to allow fully vaccinated international travellers from any country with which India has reciprocal agreements for mutual acceptance of WHO approved COVID-19 vaccines is a welcome step and will boost the confidence of the Exhibition industry stakeholders to stage events.

A much-needed approach

Every IMTEX offers a futuristic outlook through the technology and product displays that it brings, offering visitors a wholesome, enriching, and fruitful experience. This is what has made IMTEX South East Asia’s largest and most efficient industrial exhibition. Visitors are encouraged to participate in the show and unearth all the technologies and innovations by the Machine Tool industry for their manufacturing needs.

Source: IMTMA
Image Source: Magic Wand Media

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