ANSCER Robotics Optimizes Internal Logistics and Launches Next-Gen AMRs

ANSCER Robotics Co-founders at the India Warehousing Show in New Delhi for the launch of Next-Gen AMRs.

New Delhi - ANSCER Robotics, a Bengaluru-based startup that created the world’s first AMR ‘brain’ with the goal of democratizing robotics technology for everyone, recently debuted its range of Autonomous Mobile Robots (AMRs) for the first time at the India Warehousing Show (IWS). The post-pandemic physical expo provided an opportunity for people across India in sectors such as warehousing, logistics, and general manufacturing to learn how to strengthen their supply chains in a volatile world. Attendees could witness exhibitor demonstrations, hear inspiring ideas from industry leaders on how to overcome manufacturing challenges, and learn about new technologies during the three-day event.

IWS provided the ideal platform for ANSCER Robotics, a start-up founded in July 2020 with the goal of making India a robotics leader and removing common barriers to robotics technology. They launched their brand-new line of AMRs, which are a type of mobile robot that can independently move through an environment, safely and intelligently maneuvering around obstacles, in addition to sharing space with renowned Indian and international brands. AMRs are ideal for internal logistics, especially in industries like e-commerce, which have been booming since the onset of the pandemic. These mobile robots, on the other hand, are suitable for any company looking to improve mobility in an indoor environment while also improving employee ergonomics. This makes AMRs useful in industries like automotive, electronics, FMCG, healthcare and pharmaceuticals, and warehousing, as well as hospitals, hotels, and restaurants. The company’s AMR range currently consists of the AR 250, AR 650, and AR 1250, each named after the payload it can transport. These robots have four layers of safety, 360° coverage, bi-directional path movement, and a modular design, in addition to being one of India’s first AMRs.

The ANSCER Engine (AE), a combination of robust software and hardware that serves as a platform for the development of a variety of service robots that can be used across industries, regardless of payload or application, was also on display. The AE is the first of its kind in Asia and one of the first in the world, allowing developers to create custom AMR solutions for any industry without worrying about computer vision, planning, telematics, or security. Companies that purchased the ANSCER Engine were able to create their own robots in less than 90 days. The ANSCER team has even developed award-winning robots, such as UV disinfection robots, using their own Engine.

Seeking solutions to the new and unexpected challenges caused by the pandemic, Karan Deep Singh, VP Sales & Support, ANSCER Robotics, asserted, “The world is in a state of flux, and in search of answers to these new obstacles. This is why we decided to launch at IWS, where businesses of all sizes have come to find easy, cost-efficient solutions to issues such as supply chain management. Our ANSCER team has been working relentlessly for months to develop our line of next-gen AMRs that can truly help other companies deliver business value even in a time like this," says Karan Deep Singh, VP Sales & Support, ANSCER Robotics.

To this, Raghu Venkatesh, Head of Business & Co-founder, ANSCER Robotics, added, “People find robotics too complex to implement, which means humans are left to deal with difficult tasks in dangerous environments. We wanted to use our own journey to simplify robotics for others and use robotics to elevate the human experience, which inspired our ANSCER Engine technology. Additionally, we are proud to Make in India and strive to make India a world leader in robotics.”

Image Source: ANSCER Robotics


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