SKF India Announces SKF Scholarship Program for 150 Girls in Pursuing Diplomas and Engineering Degrees

New Delhi, India – SKF India, the leading bearings manufacturer, has recently announced a scholarship program for deserving girls’ students pursuing diplomas and engineering degrees. The company intends to support 150 girls from economically disadvantaged families in Pune, Mysore, Bangalore, Ahmedabad, and Haridwar as part of the program. United Way of Bangalore, an NGO that has been providing opportunities for girls to pursue higher education through financial aid and career-ready programs, will carry out the program.

SKF India will award scholarships of up to INR 40,000 in equal annual installments over the course of the degree program. To continue the scholarship, candidates must submit proof of passing every year. The application process will begin in October 2022 and last until December 2022. Shortlisting applications based on academic background and financial need, as well as document verification, will be followed by interviews with candidates to assess their interest in pursuing higher education.

2021-22 SKF India Scholarship Highlights

  • Percentage required: Minimum 75 percent in SSC/HSC board examination in the academic year 2021
  • Colleges: Select AICTE-affiliated engineering/diploma colleges
  • Annual family income: Not exceeding 3.5 lakhs.
  • Duration of scholarship: Till the end of the course.

Manish Bhatnagar, Managing Director, SKF India Ltd, commented, “The SKF Scholarship program is part of our continuous endeavor towards empowering India’s youth, especially young girls, through education, skilling, mentorship, and counseling. We believe that an educated, confident, and independent young woman can lay the foundation of a stronger nation with a brighter future. Through this holistic scholarship program, deserving students can overcome financial challenges and build their future by following their dream of pursuing higher education.” 

Image Source: SKF India


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