‘World Beyond Metaverse’ Launched at Hannover Messe 2022, Germany

Pune, India – World Beyond Metaverse, a leading business and trade enhancement platform, launched earlier this year in Hannover Messe in June 2022, made history with the launch of the book ‘Today’s Startups, Tomorrow’s Unicorns’ on the platform.

World Beyond Metaverse became the leading platform to debut at one of the world’s largest trade fairs, ‘Hannover Messe 2022’. The immersive environment of World Beyond Metaverse provides an incredible opportunity for corporates, companies, and government bodies to form strong business, trade, and investment partnerships. The World Beyond Metaverse platform hosts various events in the virtual exhibition space, with over half a million global active users from 110 countries. ‘World Beyond’ aims for a market size of US$20 billion, with the potential to grow to US$3 trillion.

Menka Prakashan’s book ‘Today’s Startups, Tomorrow’s Unicorns’ was launched by author Dr Deepak Shikarpur and Chief Guest Dr Raghunath Mashelkar. Renowned scientist Dr Mashelkar praised the Indian startup culture and discussed Metaverse’s future growth prospects. During the book launch, Vishal Jadhav (Founder, World Beyond), Atul Kaluskar (Managing Director, CWW Ltd), and Abhay Kulkarni (Administrative Director, Menka Prakashan) were also present.

With its digital-age features integrating tech, business, and finance, the World Beyond Metaverse’s cutting-edge technology will benefit all global corporate and government bodies. This metaverse platform enables people to go do business and network, visit places and experience Tourism, feel things, Education, Entertainment, Construction, e-commerce & shopping, Manufacturing Factories, Hospitals, government agencies, and many other things. Vishal Jadhav, Founder of World Beyond Metaverse, described the metaverse’s development as a perfect blend of real and virtual worlds where business, trade, and FDI will reach new heights.

Image Source: World Beyond

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