SAEINDIA International Mobility Conference 2022 Brings the Best of India’s Mobility Ecosystem Together

Bengaluru, India – Society of Automotive Engineers INDIA (SAEINDIA), the country’s leading resource for mobility technology, returns for the 10th edition of its flagship event, the SAEINDIA International Mobility Conference (SIIMC 2022) from October 12-14, at Hilton Bengaluru Embassy Manyata Business Park, Bengaluru. Over 700 mobility experts, including industry thought leaders and professionals from research and development, manufacturing, and services, as well as faculty, students, and independent researchers, will gather for a three-day event to discuss trends and innovations shaping the future of mobility.

SAEINDIA has chosen the theme ‘Sustainable Multi-Modal Mobility Ecosystem’ for this year’s conference as part of its commitment to advancing and promoting mobility engineering. The theme resonates well with today’s reality, where mobility is seen as playing an important role in achieving sustainable development by promoting goals such as a clean and green environment and equitable livelihood.

SIIMC 2022 conference will feature a variety of panel discussions and individual presentations centered on a multi-modal mobility ecosystem that is sustainable. The future of autonomous and connected vehicles, 5G technology and applications such as artificial intelligence shaping mobility solutions, and the evolving landscape of standards, policy, and regulations shaping and promoting a sustainable multi-modal mobility ecosystem are some of the key topics that will be explored. Multi-modal transportation, driven by the integrated use of several different modes of transportation, will determine future travel not only between cities but also within cities.

The conference will also include a concurrent exposition and technology theater with over 1000 attendees. The exposition and technology theater will bring together industry stakeholders such as automotive startups promoting mobility solutions and investors interested in supporting innovative business models.

TechHive will be a one-stop shop for startups to showcase their products and services to the global and Indian automotive markets at the SAEINDIA conference. The event will provide a dedicated space for startups to meet, network, and close deals with potential investors. The industry event is an excellent opportunity for mobility players to boost brand image and awareness. With startups from across the country preparing to attend SIIMC 2022, investors have the opportunity to identify promising startups and form business partnerships with future leaders and brands.

SIIMC 2022’s Technology Corner will assist startups in presenting their technology and service roadmaps to investors and other key stakeholders through detailed presentations and pitches.

Marketplace Expo at the event provides a platform for startups to connect and network with major organizations and stakeholders in the mobility space. The expo promises increased brand visibility and deeper engagement with peers, leaders, and consumers in the industry.

Dr Bala Bharadvaj, Immediate Past President, SAEINDIA, said, “Mobility plays an increasingly important role in fulfilling our needs and aspirations now and into the future.  The challenge is to address our mobility needs in a sustainable manner that are both environmentally responsible and cost-effective.  SIIMC 2022 gives us the perfect platform to delve into integrated solutions that leverage current trends and emerging technologies, to develop mobility systems that are in harmony with a greener world we all want to see.”

Mahesh Babu, CEO, Switch Mobility India & Patron SIIMC 2022, commented, “The transportation industry is one of the largest producers of carbon emissions globally. With the rapid increase in passenger and freight mobility, a sustainable, multi-modal shift will play a vital role in enhancing energy efficiency, which is the need of the hour. The integrated use of different forms of transport will determine our travel not only between cities, but even for transportation within the cities and societies. SIIMC 2022 will give a holistic view to this sustainable multi modal mobility ecosystem.”

Damodaran, Chair – SAEINDIA Bangalore Section, emphasized, “In the coming years, technological advancements and innovative solutions in ground mobility, rail and in air, will play a larger role in managing climate change and promoting equitable livelihood driving equal and safe work opportunities.”

Munirathinam Dhananjayan, Organizing Chair and MD, Focus Group, asserted, “SIIMC 2022 is a place which helps in networking, new technology and market trends exploration. A life learning opportunity for students, professionals, and OEMs to find new talents.”

Image Source: Society of Automotive Engineers INDIA

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