3D Printer Rapid Shape Opens North American Subsidiary in USA

Ribbon-cutting ceremony for the opening of Rapid Shape Inc’s subsidiary in Raleigh, USA

Heimsheim, Germany – Rapid Shape, a German manufacturer of cutting-edge 3D printers, opened its subsidiary in the United States of America lately. The Centennial Campus of NC State University in Raleigh was chosen as the company’s North American headquarters. The choice was motivated by proximity to student and faculty talent, as well as research and development. To drive innovation in the 3D printing industry, the company is collaborating with NC State’s Center for Additive Manufacturing and Logistics (CAMAL) and its Director, Ola Harrysson, in Raleigh.

The company has provided university education and training equipment. In a variety of projects, interdisciplinary teams are gaining hands-on experience with 3D printers and materials. The company has already hired several top-motivated and highly skilled engineering graduates to join the Rapid Shape team as 3D printing applications engineers from the university’s strong talent pool. It is currently developing an internship program with the College of Engineering in order to meet more graduates. Students will be able to gain early access to advanced technologies and future product design. Rapid Shape’s team, like the company itself, is expected to grow. Not only are employees in Raleigh excited about this development, but so are employees in Germany, as well as those in Brazil, Japan, and China.

The portfolio of the company covers the entire range of requirements, from single companies to large-scale manufacturers. All the company’s additive manufacturing equipment is digitally networked, outfitted with advanced software, and perfectly aligned with validated workflows. The open material system supports the use of over 300 resins, with more being added on a regular basis.

Rapid Shape’s fully automated 3D printers provide medical precision on an industrial scale by utilizing lights-out manufacturing. Digital Light Processing (DLP) and force feedback technologies enable high-volume production of custom printed parts. The equipment produces results (prints) with pinpoint accuracy in a cost-effective and sustainable manner. The company collaborates with reputable partners to develop advanced materials required for additive manufacturing, such as high-temperature and impact-resistant resins. Customers include, to name a few, global providers of dental implants, orthodontics, prosthetics, and hearing aids.

Stating that NC State provides access to top talent, Andreas Schultheiss, founder and CEO, commented, “With the opening of Rapid Shape Inc in the USA, we are creating the best conditions to continue Rapid Shape’s growth in the North American market. We place great value on personal consultation, fast and excellent service, and short delivery routes. With our local sales, logistics, and support activities, we can now better serve the US and Canadian markets.”

“We are proud to welcome Rapid Shape to the innovative community of public and private partners who call our Centennial Campus home,” said Randy Woodson, Chancellor, NC State. “Together, we will develop new technologies and prepare the future additive manufacturing workforce.”

Caption: Ribbon-cutting ceremony for the opening of Rapid Shape Inc’s subsidiary in Raleigh, USA

Image Source: Rapid Shape Inc

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