ELGi Sauer Compressors Opens Manufacturing Facility in Coimbatore

Coimbatore, India – ELGI Sauer Compressors Ltd, a joint venture between Elgi Equipments Ltd and the German-based Sauer Compressors Group, has extended operations by opening a new manufacturing facility in Kallappalayam, Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu. The 50,000 sq ft facility will begin manufacturing state-of-the-art high-pressure compressors, pressure-reducing stations, and portable breathing air compressors for India’s industrial, commercial shipping, naval, and offshore markets with an investment of roughly INR 400 million. In addition, the facility will house an Engineering Support Centre, which will provide engineering support to the Sauer Compressors Group globally for new product development and prototype testing.

Environmental sustainability has been a key consideration in the construction of this facility. In line with ELGi’s focus on resource-neutral operations, the factory has been designed with energy-efficient transformers, water recycling, rainwater harvesting systems, and a special architectural emphasis on natural light and ventilation with landscaped gardens and green zones. In alignment with ELGi’s commitment to circularity, over over 1 million kilograms of ELGi foundry waste sand were used to construct solid blocks for the compound wall. The company also strongly emphasizes a zero-incident workplace by fostering a safe and healthy work environment and eliminating adverse occupational health and safety-related incidents. The new factory is built on green building principles under the certification of IGBC, the Indian Green Building Council. 

Stating that the ELGi Sauer joint venture, established in 2008, brought advanced technology, a wider range of products, increased availability due to indigenization, and better product support to the Indian Navy, marine, and related special applications, Dr Jairam Varadaraj, Managing Director, Elgi Equipments Ltd, commented, “Over 14 years of partnership, we have created a niche identity in the high-pressure market in India and neighboring countries. Today, ELGI Sauer Compressors has strong local market know-how, indigenization prospects to be more competitive, and opportunities to deliver customized solutions. Looking ahead, agile operations, increased capacity, and local-for-local supply will be essential to supporting our customers, and with this world-class facility, ELGI Sauer is well positioned to serve new markets and achieve long-term business goals.”

Hendrik Murmann, CEO, Sauer Compressors Group, added, “We are proud and happy with our Indian colleagues who have developed our very good position in India over so many years. They have become an indispensable part of the global Sauer Compressors Company Group, and they strengthen our technical competencies. We thank our partner ELGI for almost 15 years of very friendly and reliable cooperation. We are convinced that this expansion will be the beginning of the next chapter of our success story.”

In this backdrop, Satish Kini, Chief Executive Officer, ELGI Sauer Compressors Ltd, stated, “This is an important milestone in our journey towards market leadership and sustained business growth for ELGI Sauer Compressors in India. This factory with expanded manufacturing capacity will help us further consolidate the engineering, indigenization, and product support capabilities of both constituent entities and create a strong aftermarket network.”

Image Source: Elgi Equipments Ltd

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