NEWCAST 2023: Showcasing International Casting Innovations and Their Potential

Düsseldorf, Germany – NEWCAST, world’s leading international trade fair for precision casting products, will showcase a whole diversity of innovative casting procedures and products to decision takers and designers, from June 12-16, 2023, within the framework of the Bright World of Metals—comprised of the leading trade fairs GIFA, METEC, THERMPROCESS, and NEWCAST—in Düsseldorf. The fair’s importance as the international performance show of the foundry industry will be reflected, not least, in the rising numbers of exhibitors. It is expected that NEWCAST 2023 will be larger than in 2019 and will be the ideal counterpart to the GIFA foundry trade fair.

The internationally outstanding position of NEWCAST will also be documented by the high foreign proportion amongst the visitors, e.g., last time, 34 percent came from Germany, 37 percent from Europe, and 29 percent from outside Europe. “Thus, NEWCAST will offer a unique opportunity to enter into discussions with potential foreign customers too,” assured Malte Seifert, Director Portfolio Metals, Energy & Autonomous Technologies, Messe Düsseldorf—a trade fair ground and organizer based in Düsseldorf, Germany. Another striking feature will be the high proportion of decision takers amongst the visitors to NEWCAST. In 2019, one in five visitors originated from business, corporate, or divisional management.

Innovations in casting have outstanding significance for the industrial value added in all growth fields. “Like the entire Bright World of Metals, NEWCAST is also always a representation of the current industrial challenges and a constituent of the solutions to them,” continued Seifert. “The change to electromobility, the energy turnaround, and the decarbonization of industry—without the innovations in the foundry industry, it would not be possible to meet the challenges of the present,” is highlighted by the leading head of the quartet of fairs consisting of GIFA, METEC, THERMPROCESS, and NEWCAST. Just like the entire Bright World of Metals, NEWCAST will also reflect the current and new challenges in the metal sectors more strongly than ever before. The great importance of the fair will be highlighted, not least, by the presentation of the NEWCAST Award, with which a committee consisting of specialists from BDG, VDG, and Messe Düsseldorf will honor the most outstanding achievements in casting.

NEWCAST will provide foundries with a stage for displaying the system relevance of their products. Castings constitute key components in practically all industrial fields. While castings for lightweight automobile construction and renewable energies have already been on the agenda at NEWCAST in the past, new subjects and challenges will be added with the challenges of the decarbonization of industry as well as the change to electromobility and climate-neutral heat technology. “The strength and innovation potential of casting as a forming procedure are shown clearly here. With the material diversity of the metallic casting materials, the large number of classic and new casting procedures with lost molds and metallic chills, and the considered supplementation of complementary new production methods such as additive manufacturing, foundries are creating such a wide range of innovations that I can only urgently recommend that every visitor to GMTN 2023 should visit NEWCAST,” stated Seifert.

NEWCAST will be a platform for all facets of innovation in casting and will portray the entire spectrum of innovative casting procedures and products. Casting not only for conventional vehicle construction but also for e-mobility as well as precision castings for the aerospace industry and for mechanical and plant engineering. Casting components from the filigree die-cast zinc component for medical technology via the lightweight e-motor housing right up to the rotor hub, which is made of cast iron with a high load-bearing capacity and weighs tonnes will illustrate the wide range and significance of innovative casting procedures and metallic casting materials for all industrial growth markets.

New technologies are opening up new potential for the foundry sector. For example, indirect additive 3D printing procedures permit maximum geometrical freedom when manufacturing sand molds and cores for metal casting. Plastic investment casting models for precision casting are resulting in the successful integration of new procedures into established fabrication processes.

It must be recommended that not only users of castings but also all visitors interested in casting as a forming procedure should make a tour of the halls at NEWCAST. In particular, designers in all industrial sectors will be able to convince themselves of the potential of the different casting procedures in situ and on the concrete object. Proven industrial procedures from gravity sand casting, via die casting and low-pressure casting, right up to precision casting will stand next to new technologies such as additive manufacturing in the prototype and small-scale series fields. At their booths at NEWCAST, international experts from around the world will answer the questions of the visitors. Nowhere else will people unfamiliar with the subject be able to receive better explanations about the strengths of the individual casting procedures and materials than on the concrete object—and simultaneously be made enthusiastic about casting as a fabrication procedure with all its possibilities.

One task for the entire industry, and thus also for Messe Düsseldorf and the exhibitors at NEWCAST, is the objective of climate neutrality. Of course, this also includes highly topical subjects such as energy and raw material security. The clear plus points of the casting procedures over competing fabrication procedures are their energy efficiency and the advantage of being able to manufacture even complex geometries near the net shapes. Within the framework of the ecoMetalsTrails here, innovative companies will indicate paths to sustainable and low-CO2 fabrication right up to CO2-free fabrication. The objective of decarbonization is being supported, not least, by new digital technologies and artificial intelligence. Thus, the products at NEWCAST will also be characterized by pioneering sustainability aspects, which will be taken up by the exhibitors and Messe Düsseldorf within the framework of the ecoMetalsInitiative.

With GIFA, NEWCAST, and THERMPROCESS, Messe Düsseldorf will offer not only the most comprehensive performance show of the entire foundry sector anywhere in the world but also meetings and discussion forums about the burning questions of the time.

“This year, transformation paths to decarbonization and the circular economy, also in view of the stipulations about climate neutrality, will be at the very top of the agenda,” confirmed Seifert. “GIFA and, in particular, NEWCAST will graphically illustrate that the foundry companies are not only affected by the challenges of decarbonization but, with their innovations, are also making absolutely decisive contributions to converting industry into a climate-neutral economic location.”

Image Source: Messe Düsseldorf


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