The Indian die and mold industry is expected to grow by over US$ 1 billion from 2021 to 2025, fueled by demand from the automotive, healthcare, electronics, and plastics sectors. Bengaluru-based WIDMA is helping to meet this demand by providing deep-hole drilling technology that offers high accuracy and productivity.

The Die and Mold industry in India has been experiencing significant and consistent growth over the years. According to, the Indian market alone is expected to grow by more than US$ 1 billion from 2021 to 2025, progressing at a CAGR of 9 percent. Driving the market is not only a pent-up demand in Automotive but also substantial growth in sunrise sectors as well, including Healthcare, Electronics and Electricals, and Plastics. In India, we must also take into consideration aluminum metal injection molding and automation in die casting, which are also likely contributors, along with increased construction activities and the push to ‘Make in India’.

In the automotive market, OEMs are faced with the challenge of inflation as well as productivity. Large machines where the size and complexity of the die and mold are in high demand. Die and mold requirements are evolving, becoming more and more complex, and requiring higher levels of machining accuracy.

Helping OEMs enhance production

WIDMA™, a machine tool building division of Kennametal®, based in Bengaluru, India, is helping OEMs optimize production, providing deep-hole drilling technologies that meet the industry’s standards of accuracy, reliability, and performance. 

The WIDMA UGC Series Deep Hole Drilling (DHD) machine is made for high-accuracy machining, multi-axis positioning, and deep-hole drilling in a single setup. When designing the UGC Series, not just the variation in materials to machines was taken into consideration but also the size and complexity of the component. The UGC Series can be configured with up to seven axes including a CNC rotary table and spindle tilting feature, which together enable customers to drill complex angles and structures in a single clamping setup.

To give customers the flexibility to optimize machining time and resources, UGC Series machines can also mill, tap, and bore, in addition to deep hole drilling, with minimal setup changes. And with options to customize, the Series offers drilling depths up to 2000 mm and
40 mm diameter and has the capability to support up to 30 tonne.

WIDMA strengths

Anticipating our customers’ needs and helping them overcome manufacturing challenges is what we do at WIDMA. Our teams are focused on designing high-performance machines that not only drive efficiency and productivity but are easy to operate and low maintenance. WIDMA machines also feature adaptive machining technology that defines values of torque to maintain operating levels and standards for accuracy. Linear glass scales and wireless probes are also offered with UGC Series machines.

WIDMA is a leader in providing customized metal-cutting CNC machines that offer high accuracy and productivity across industries. Founded in 1984, WIDMA diversified into customized, semi-standard, and standard machines for machining requirements, ranging from micro tools to large structural parts for the locomotive and general engineering industries. Working with some of the world’s most notable brands, WIDMA is recognized for high-performing machines that deliver on metal removal rates, drilling speeds, and depths.


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