AMT Announces Premiere Dates for Exciting IMTS+ Original Series Lineup

McLean, US – The Association for Manufacturing Technology (AMT) has announced 2023 premiere dates for its IMTS+ Original Series, with Season Three of ‘Profiles in Manufacturing’ airing on May 25 on IMTS+ on The documentary-style series follows a diverse set of individuals who are helping to shape the modern manufacturing industry, including a precision machine shop owner, a renowned publisher, and an individual dedicated to walking the talk to bridge the diversity and skills gap. 

“IMTS+ is a destination that connects people in manufacturing through compelling narratives,” says Peter Eelman, Chief Experience Officer, AMT, which owns and produces the International Manufacturing Technology Show (IMTS). “Each IMTS+ Original Series creates a space for people in manufacturing to tell their stories, share experiences, and showcase technologies. The collective insights help us grow as an industry and as people.”

Other IMTS+ Original Series airing dates include Season Three of ‘Road Trippin’ with Steve’ on July 27; Season Three of ‘Manufacturing Explorers’ on Sept 28; and Season Two of ‘Smart(er) Shop’ on Oct 26.

‘Profiles in Manufacturing’

Season Three of ‘Profiles in Manufacturing’ starts with a profile of Courtney Silver, President, Ketchie Inc. “Looking back, I stepped through that door and immediately fell in love with machining and manufacturing,” she says. “I love the fact that we're working with our hands, our hearts, and our minds to make products that are useful all across the country.”

Viewers will be captivated by the enthusiasm of Andrew Crowe, Founder, New American Manufacturing Renaissance, as he speaks about what each of us can do to bring about a new renaissance for American manufacturing. Crowe, a former machinist and educator, brings awareness to the diversity and skills gap within the manufacturing sector to attract, recruit, and retain the next-generation workforce. “We have an amazing opportunity to take an antiquated system and turn it on its head,” he says. “We not only have to rebrand, but we need to reset.”

The final episode of ‘Profiles in Manufacturing’ tells the story of a storyteller, Rick Kline Sr, Chairman and CEO, Gardner Business Media (GBM). Just about every job shop or manufacturer in the industry has adopted a better way of doing things because of GBM. “If we keep producing content that people want and that inspires companies to improve, we’re going to have a successful future,” says Kline.

IMTS+ is where visitors can always find the personalities, innovations, and ideas that are moving the manufacturing industry forward. They can watch, read, and experience the stories around the power of manufacturing technology. They are also encouraged to visit IMTS+ on and discover the people in manufacturing who are transforming technologies, changing the future, and providing opportunities throughout the United States and beyond.

Image Source: AMT

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