One-day Awareness and Foundation program on Industry 4.0 – Sharjah Research and Innovation Park, UAE

Coimbatore-based Maxbyte Technologies provides intelligent solutions for real-world business challenges and helps its industrial customers solve key enterprise business challenges to achieve their goals. Backed by a proven track record of its commitment to sustainably providing quality products and services, the technology company has the right moves planned for its highly successful future…

With the aim to ‘digitize, robotize, and decarbonize 1,000 industrial enterprises by 2030’, Maxbyte Technologies is committed to making a difference in the future of industries for sustainable development around the world with significant product and service offerings. Ramshankar CS, CEO, Maxbyte Technologies, explains, “Maxbyte is an industrial digitalization, robotization, decarbonization, and tech adoption solutions provider to enable smart connected industrial enterprises for flexibility, productivity, sustainability, and growth.”

Founded in 2015, the company today has five regional offices, has completed over 150 industrial digital transformation projects for over 40 industrial customers, and is supported by more than 100 techies. Maxbyte Technologies offers eight industry 4.0 products and services, which include Digital, Robots, Training, Insights, Industry 4.0 Readiness Report, and Transformation Tools, catering to six industrial verticals.

Revolutionizing industries with byteFACTORY

The company provides byteFACTORY, a suite of digitalization apps that aids in the smart and connected operation of the industrial enterprise value chain. Ramshankar emphasizes the difficulties that engineering, production, and aftermarket services confront, such as low transparency, manual data entry, hidden operational expenses, and inflexibility in meeting client requests. Enterprises can enhance productivity, eliminate downtime, deploy real-time data-driven manufacturing, elevate customer experience, and increase aftermarket service revenue using byteFACTORY’s manufacturing and aftermarket foundation apps.

Job card scheduling, real-time OEE and downtime management, paperless quality and audit systems, paperless preventive maintenance, real-time condition monitoring, energy monitoring, and fire prevention systems are just a few of the essential areas covered by these apps. He informs, “Apps included are real-time remote monitoring, paperless preventive services, digital service work instruction, AR remote assistance, and digital spare parts management.” Remarkably, byteFACTORY offers reasonable and flexible subscription price plans, “starting from `500 to `5,000 per machine per month or per user per month,” says Ramshankar, making it accessible to businesses of all sizes.

The company’s other key products and services for successful industrial digital transformation include ADAM – AI SaaS: an AI-based search engine and chatbot for high-impact insights; XR Services: AR, VR, and MR services for customer experience and manufacturing operations health and safety service procedures; and XR Services: AR, VR, and MR services for customer experience and manufacturing operations health and safety service procedures.

Factory Science to empower leaders

Maxbyte Technologies, in collaboration with IMTMA (Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers’ Association) Training, recently conducted ‘The Factory Science Industry 4.0 Foundation Program’ in Bengaluru for regional industrial communities, business owners, and manufacturing professionals. According to Ramshankar, the program’s goal is to equip industrial business leaders with the knowledge and resources they need to successfully embark on their Industry 4.0 journey. Recognizing the need for comprehensive smart manufacturing education, the program provides participants with critical insights and practical guidance, enabling them to effectively deploy disruptive Industry 4.0 solutions.

Strategic alliances for growth

Maxbyte Technologies continues to achieve great progress through strategic collaborations and partnerships. Ramshankar shares the company’s successful joint venture with OBR Cooling Towers, Inc, “The aim is to help the cooling towers operators in the US market in improving their performance, uptime, operational efficiency, and energy efficiency. We will be leveraging OBR’s deep domain capabilities and expertise and Maxbyte’s industrial digital and automation solutions like byteFACTORY IIOT and workflow software, data analytics, AI, AR/VR, cloud, and robotics solutions to jointly develop cooling tower digital twin solutions.”

Maxbyte Technologies, in collaboration with IMTMA Training, recently conducted ‘The Factory Science Industry 4.0 Foundation Program’ in Bengaluru for regional industrial communities, business owners, and manufacturing professionals.


Additionally, The Abu Dhabi Department of Economic Development, in collaboration with Maxbyte Technologies, successfully completed the first cohort of the Industry 4.0 Championship Program to equip employees of 10 food manufacturing factories in Abu Dhabi with Industry 4.0 skills. Maxbyte was selected to provide an experiential, interactive, and outcome-oriented lifelong learning program. “The graduation ceremony of the first cohort was held at the first edition of the Abu Dhabi Industrial Talent Majlis in May. This championship program motivates industries to inspire, implement, and adapt to the smart and sustainable manufacturing transformation. The certified champions expressed their appreciation and interest in applying the knowledge and skills they learned during the program to accelerate the transformation of their enterprises to Industry 4.0.

Maxbyte Technologies has also recently signed a tripartite MoU with Guidance Tamil Nadu, the Government of Tamil Nadu’s nodal agency for investment promotion and single window facilitation, and the Department of Technical Education. Under the terms of the agreement, Maxbyte will establish four centers of excellence for Industry 4.0, which will be accessible to students and faculty at four Government Colleges of Engineering in Tirunelveli, Salem, Trichy, and Vellore.

Ramshankar also mentions Marshall Machines and Maxbyte Technologies’ recent partnership. Marshall Machines, a prominent machine tool manufacturer, aims to enhance its IIoT, data analytics, and AI strategies by adopting Maxbyte’s byteFACTORY platform, bringing added value to its clients throughout the machine tool lifecycle. Gaurav Sarup, Managing Director, Marshall Machines, and Ramshankar inked the business plan and collaboration MoU agreement in Chandigarh, Punjab. “Thanks to Siddhant Sarup, Executive Director, Marshall Machines, and Jeno Rex Antony S, Asia Regional Business Director, Maxbyte, who are the key to the success of this launch of a strategic partnership program,” shares the Maxbyte CEO. “We are pleased to collaborate with Marshall Machines to make a difference in the Machine Tools industry.”

e& enterprise and Maxbyte Technologies have partnered to accelerate the adoption of Industry 4.0 Solutions in the MEA market

Maxbyte Facility for Innovation and Training in Coimbatore, Tamil Nadu

Adoption of Industry 4.0 in India

Regarding the adoption of Industry 4.0 solutions in India, Ramshankar states, “Indian companies have a strong understanding of the concepts of Industry 4.0. Numerous companies have initiated pilot projects, and some are currently in the process of scaling up their Industry 4.0 initiatives. Despite the widespread hype around AI, according to assessments conducted by Maxbyte on over 1,000 industrial enterprises, a significant number of companies are still in the early stages of streamlining data collection or integrating operational technology (OT) and information technology (IT). These companies are essentially in the Industry 3.0 stage, where their primary focus is on connecting machines, materials, manpower, and methodologies. Therefore, it is crucial for companies to prioritize establishing data connectivity before fully embracing AI.”

Marshall Machines, a leading machine tools manufacturer, has partnered with Maxbyte Technologies byteFACTORY for its IIOT, data analytics, and AI strategies to add value to its customers in the machine tools lifecycle.

Lastly, he expresses his belief in the possibility of Government support for SMEs in adopting Industry 4.0 technologies, adding, “If the Government can support SMEs with incentives and grants to learn and implement Industry 4.0, SMEs can adopt these emerging technologies faster and leverage the benefits to grow their businesses, which will help the economy as well in terms of increased job opportunities, productivity, and exports.”

Triparty MoU between Guidance Tamil Nadu and Maxbyte Technologies for Industry 4.0 / Smart Manufacturing competency development for industries

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