EIT Manufacturing Shines Spotlight on 20 Innovative Start-ups at EMO Hannover 2023

Hanover, Germany – EIT Manufacturing, Europe’s largest innovation ecosystem for the manufacturing industry, brought together start-ups and industry under the motto ‘Connected the dots’. While the organization was present with three booths in hall 9 at EMO Hannover 2023, one of them, booth E34, focused on start-ups. EIT Manufacturing is one of nine knowledge and innovation communities supported by the European Institute of Innovation and Technology (EIT), a body of the European Union.

In the dedicated Start-Up Area of EMO Hannover, Hall 9 | Booth E34, EIT Manufacturing featured 20 European start-ups from its innovation community. All teams had a proven track record in manufacturing and had gone through a thorough assessment successfully to be supported by EIT Manufacturing. Their fields of activity ranged from artificial intelligence to zero defect inspection. They originated from 12 European countries and brought their unique perspectives to Germany.

For two three-day periods, one from September 18-20, the other from September 21-23, they showcased their innovative solutions at the collective stand.

The start-ups not only had the opportunity to exhibit their solutions and address potential customers but also presented their technologies in an Access2Tech Europe event. This event, co-organized by the economic development agency hannoverimpuls, connected representatives from industrial corporations or small and medium-sized enterprises, who were seeking groundbreaking solutions for their challenges, with start-ups from the extensive EIT Manufacturing portfolio.

The Access2Tech Europe event gave stage time to all participating young companies, in which they publicly pitched to the audience at EMO Hannover on September 20, 2023 from 11:00 to 13:00 in the Innovation Forum of Hall 9 | Booth E34. After this, start-ups and industry representatives had the chance to meet for one-to-one conversations to explore collaboration opportunities.

From September 18-20, 2023, the following companies exhibited:

  • ai-omatic solutions provides a cloud-based software solution for predictive maintenance. Their solution analyses and visualizes sensor data from machines with a unique algorithm that blends statistical methods with neural networks. This enables easy and convenient machine monitoring through a web browser, preventing machine failures before they occur.
  • ChainTraced provides digital traceability solutions, tracking raw materials to end products across the metal value chain. Their tools estimate CO2 emissions, promote value chain collaboration and automate quality compliance by analyzing supplier data for early warnings on potential failures.
  • Cyber Evolution is a network security pioneer. Their Blackbox Plug&Play device, LECS, is designed to protect LAN and cloud infrastructures from cyber threats and attacks. LECS features cutting-edge technologies like the Metamorphic Engine, Level Zero OSI Response, and predictive, intelligent as well as autonomous capabilities. Cyber Evolution’s LECS provides robust and comprehensive protection for critical infrastructures in situations in which traditional firewalls may fall short.
  • Kheoos is a B2B marketplace facilitating connections between manufacturers, distributors and brokers for industrial maintenance parts. The platform enables manufacturers to create customized catalogues, reduce inventory levels, minimize breakage risks and resell dormant stock to generate additional revenue. In addition, it facilitates finding rare pieces.
  • Linqcase provides state-of-the-art technology solutions for non-destructive quality inspection (NDT). Their magnetic techniques allow evaluating robustness through pattern identification without sacrificing parts for quality checks. The result is more cost-effective, faster, and more reliable 100 percent-part quality control.
  • MaestroHub supports digital transformation initiatives in manufacturing. Their digital infrastructure makes information accessible to anyone and any system in real time. Integration efforts are reduced by 80 percent, saving 50 percent of time through automatic contextualisation. Enhancing efficiency and usability, domain experts can conduct their analysis using drag and drop technology.
  • OndoSense provides measurement precision of up to 1 µm via radar-based technology. Their solutions work effectively, even in challenging conditions like steam, dust, and extreme temperatures. With expertise spanning hardware design, software, and algorithms, they offer exceptional solutions for process automation.
  • ONIQ’s IQ/A software employs industrial process mining to automate the visualization of production and logistics processes across the company using existing data from various IT systems. Through machine learning-based root cause analyses and automatic lean manufacturing analyses, their solution identifies inefficiencies on the digital value stream twin, thus enabling efficient problem-solving.
  • Plasmotion’s jet plasma polishing (JETPEP) revolutionizes automated metal surface finishing, delivering manual-quality results with flexibility. Their solution eliminates the slow, expensive, error-prone, and environmentally burdensome aspects of manual finishing, while excelling in handling large, complex parts, and selective surface requirements. JETPEP provides shiny results in seconds and consumes five times less energy compared to traditional methods that take hours.
  • Plastic Repair System offers a circular economy solution, repairing returnable plastic packaging used in B2B, supply chain logistics and production operations. Their approach saves costs, reduces the need to buy new items by 30 percent, and, compared to recycling, cuts CO2 emissions by 311 times. Additionally, it speeds up delivery by 10 times, making plastic repair an efficient and sustainable alternative.

From September 21-23, 2023, the following companies exhibited:

  • EZMEMS offers a cutting-edge solution for sensor fusion through edge multi-sensing. Their integrated high-performance system on a plastic chip, connected to an edge computing module, utilizes composite polymer-based materials, bypassing the limitations of traditional semiconductor approaches.
  • Helmee Imaging’s automated visual inspection technology addresses the unpredictable, biased, and inflexible factors of human visual quality inspection in the automotive industry. Achieving 99 percent inspection accuracy in high-gloss parts, it reduces lead times, ensures consistent inspection quality, adapts to production fluctuations, and reduces recruitment concerns.
  • HCP Sense effectively turns standard bearings into sensors. They offer an economical sensor for roll bearings which collects, measures, and analyzes crucial data for process monitoring and predictive maintenance real-time: forces and lubrication conditions. With successful test phases and implementation in various customer applications, HCP Sense provides a non-invasive and non-disruptive measurement method—without any design changes in machines.
  • io empowers individuals to make a significant impact on reducing energy consumption in the industry. Their no-code platform enables businesses to harness the potential of IoT and become experts in analyzing their own data. Advanced AI technology makes energy efficiency a seamless process, conducting analyses, and tests and suggesting solution.
  • Oliveex offers a seamless transformation of existing processes into fully digital, paperless and transparent systems. With a deep-dive approach tailored to specific sectors, they provide data analytics that address sector-specific pain points and offer actionable insights focused on quality, cost and performance indicators.
  • Sensemore specializes in data-driven solutions to optimize industrial operations. Their mission is to reduce unexpected machinery downtime by 90 percent, lower maintenance costs by 25 percent, and extend equipment life by 20 percent. With advanced AI tools and a comprehensive platform, Sensemore supports a digital maintenance culture, achieving significant energy savings of 15 percent and contributing to a 10-15 percent reduction in the carbon footprint.
  • Shiratech-Knowtion specializes in predictive maintenance through advanced AI technology via their proprietary sensor unit. They offer a hybrid, non-intrusive solution that seamlessly integrates hardware and software. With three AI layers for optimal performance and results, they offer an all-in-one predictive maintenance platform to help businesses maintain efficiency and reduce downtime.
  • VIAR’s REWO platform offers digital video work instructions, enhancing efficiency and productivity of manufacturers. It preserves tacit knowledge, addresses the challenge of retiring workers and accelerates learning for skilled trade workers, providing an intuitive and ISO-compliant knowledge digitalisation solution. Trained with REWO, people retain three times more information, and the platform is four times faster than traditional documentation techniques.
  • Viking Analytics offers predictive maintenance for industrial companies using AI. Their core software, MultiViz, empowers industrial specialists to extract insights from process and asset data, enabling data analysis, annotations, and AI application deployment. With MultiViz Vibration, maintenance professionals and vibration analysts benefit from automatically generated priority lists, detecting abnormal behaviors, setting smart alarms, and identifying machines requiring inspection.

Only present September 20 (Wednesday):

  • DENKweit simplifies complex image evaluations with the latest AI technology, requiring no prior knowledge. It achieves high accuracy with just 15 images, saving time, and data for training. The user-friendly platform grants easy access to multiple technologies, benefiting both experts and those new to AI.
  • INMOX is a provider of innovative technology for industrial gearbox maintenance and optimization. Their real-time wear particle characterization enables powerful damage models, allowing accurate lifetime estimation of gearbox components. By offering solutions to efficiently plan maintenance and reduce operational costs, Inmox aims to be a trusted partner for industries reliant on critical gearboxes. 

Image Source: Magic Wand Media

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