The Revolutionary DSF-C1-A Series

Servo Presses

AIDA’s cutting-edge 3rd Generation General Purpose Servo Press DSF-C1-A Series is a revolutionary leap in press processing technology that further improves productivity. With a newly developed AC servo motor and a lighter driving system, this press boasts yet another 10 percent increase in productivity compared to traditional servo presses, setting a new industry standard.

DSF-C1-A Series is equipped with AIDA’s proprietary servo motor – low RPM with high torque, ensuring precision and the ability to process high value-added products. It’s able to set the most suitable slide movement mode in accordance with the materials for processing, increasing the formability of difficult-to-form materials and making it a versatile solution for various industrial applications.

Not only does it offer manual step feed for easy die adjustments, but it also includes a database capable of storing 99 sets of die data, simplifying die changes, and minimizing downtime. AIDA’s DSF-C1-A Series is considered as the preferred choice for manufacturers seeking enhanced productivity, versatility, and efficiency in their operations.


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