TRUMPF Celebrates Its Anniversary Year with 27 Percent Sales Revenue Increase

Ditzingen, Germany - TRUMPF Group, a high-tech company, recorded a significant 27 percent increase in sales to € 5.4 billion (fiscal year 2021/22: € 4.2 billion) at the close of the fiscal year 2022/23 on June 30, 2023—the highest sales revenues in the company's 100-year history to date. The order intake again exceeded the € 5 billion mark, but at € 5.1 billion, it fell noticeably short of the previous record level (fiscal 2021/22: € 5.6 billion). Therefore, it decreased by 8.8 percent. At € 615.4 million, the Group’s operating earnings before interest and taxes (EBIT) grew positively by 31.4 percent compared to the previous year (€ 468.4 million). As a result, TRUMPF achieved an EBIT margin of 11.5 percent (previous year: 11.1 percent) despite increased raw material, logistics, and personnel costs.

TRUMPF’s largest single markets

TRUMPF’s strongest single market in terms of sales was the USA, with € 899 million (previous year: € 656 million). In the home market of Germany, sales increased to € 779 million (previous year: € 589 million). The third-largest single market and also the strongest Asian market was China. TRUMPF was able to increase sales there to € 602 million (previous year: € 575 million).

Business divisions

Looking at the business fields, the largest share was accounted for by the Machine Tools division with € 3.0 billion, which increased by 32.8 percent compared to the previous year (previous year: € 2.3 billion), followed by the Laser Technology division with € 2.1 billion, which achieved an increase of 28 percent (previous year: € 1.6 billion). The EUV business again recorded strong growth in sales of 22.2 percent to € 971 million (previous year: € 795 million). The Freiburg and Warsaw-based TRUMPF Electronics division, which is accounted for through Laser Technology, achieved record sales of 546 million (previous year: 344 million). This constitutes an increase of 58 percent.

Development of employee numbers until June 30, 2023 During the reporting period, the number of TRUMPF employees increased by nearly 2,000. New jobs were created in the growth fields of EUV and electronics in particular. As of the reporting date of June 30, 2023, the company employed 18,352 people globally (previous year: 16,554). In Germany, the number of employees grew by 8.4 percent to 9,124 (previous year: 8,417). 5,767 of them work at the headquarters in Ditzingen, Gerlingen, and Hettingen. In the year under review, 550 young people completed a training course or a co-op work-study program, resulting in a training ratio of 3.5 percent, which was slightly higher than the previous year (3.3 percent).

TRUMPF is a research-intensive company far above the industry average. The number of employees in research and development increased by 8.8 percent to 2,853 (previous year: 2,623). At € 476 million, research and development expenditures were significantly higher than in the previous year (€ 448 million). In relation to the rise in sales revenues, the development cost ratio fell slightly to 8.9 percent (previous year: 10.6 percent), but still remained at a high level above the industry average.

Investments and acquisitions

In the past fiscal year, TRUMPF invested more than ever before. Investments in plots and buildings, technical facilities, and operating and office equipment increased by 44.7 percent compared to the previous year (€ 218 million) to a record high of € 316 million. TRUMPF made 59.1 percent of its investments in Germany. About 44.6 percent of this was accounted for by construction investments, most of which were made at the headquarters in Ditzingen. This is a continuation of construction projects already started in previous years. 28.2 percent of our investments were made in the rest of Europe, 6.1 percent in the Americas, and 6.7 percent in Asia.

In February 2023, TRUMPF agreed on a strategic partnership for smart factory solutions with STOPA, one of the leading manufacturers of automated storage systems. In this context, TRUMPF has acquired a 25.1 percent stake in STOPA Anlagenbau GmbH. Among other things, STOPA supplies automated storage systems for TRUMPF’s Smart Factory solutions. Customers can use them to automate the loading and unloading of their machines and to network them logistically. In March 2023, the company increased its stake in Auroma Technologies Co Dba Access Laser Company (USA) from 85 percent to 100 percent.

Nicola Leibinger-Kammüller, CEO, TRUMPF, commented: “Our anniversary year was an extraordinarily successful one for TRUMPF. The growth in sales was due to the general upturn in demand for all TRUMPF products and, in particular, to the resolution of supply chain problems that led to delivery delays in the previous year. As a result, we had a high order backlog that we were able to work off. Since spring, however, we have felt a decline in demand in many markets. In view of the difficult overall economic development, I am therefore very cautious about the coming months.”

Image Source: TRUMPF

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