Sphoorti Machine Tools Pvt Ltd’s remarkable ascent from a small unit to a global player in tool discs and tool holders is a testament to the potential and resilience of Indian MSMEs in the manufacturing sector. The company’s pursuit of quality, global expansion, and excellence has taken it on an impressive journey, one which is worth sharing.

In February 1996, Sphoorti Machine Tools embarked on its path to success with just two Vertical Machining Centers, under the able guidance of Late Shri. A V Sathe one of the founding father of AceMicromatic Group. The company since then has had remarkable growth, emerging as one of India’s leading manufacturers of Tool Discs and Tool Holders for CNC Turning Centers and Turn Mill Centers.

Reminiscing the journey that started with a tiny unit involved in contract manufacturing, RK Purohit, Managing Director, Sphoorti Machine Tools, says “Sphoorti, today, boasts an impressive product basket containing nearly 1,000 varieties of Tool Holders and Parts. We take pride in being a one-stop solution provider for manufacturers or dealers of CNC Lathes, CNC Turning Centers, and CNC Turn Mill Centers, offering a wide range of Tool Holders, whether static or driven holder type.”

Furthermore, the company’s infrastructure has been vital to its success. Encompassing one acre, the facility comprises a 16,000 sq ft Shop area and a 7,600 sq ft Design and Admin area. Its manufacturing process is enhanced by state-of-the-art machinery and equipment, such as 5-axis Machining Centers and high-precision HMCs.

Sphoorti’s commitment to excellence

Sphoorti prides itself on its commitment to quality. Certified by TUV SUD South Asia Pvt Ltd as a quality supplier of Tool Discs and Tool Holders, the company follows rigorous testing processes that meet international standards. As Purohit explains, “Sphoorti has come a long way in establishing quality systems as a commitment to improvement. Our team is guided by principles of achieving quality right at the outset, prioritizing simplicity, and ensuring easy documentation. Our testing processes meet international standards and are accepted globally. Be it a micro or a macro requisite to meet the product deliverables, Sphoorti never compromises.”

While the Indian Government has introduced various initiatives to support new businesses, Sphoorti has chosen to utilize schemes such as RoDTEP (Remission of Duties and Taxes on Exported Products) and duty drawbacks, rather than schemes like the Credit Guarantee Scheme for Micro and Small Enterprises (CGTMSE) and Government e-Marketplace (GeM).

Success in exports

A remarkable 47 percent of Sphoorti’s turnover comes from exports. On the key export markets that drive the company’s business, Purohit shares that CNC Lathes are used globally, and the world serves as the company’s market. Sphoorti’s exports reach major markets such as the US, Russia, Europe, and others. Notably, the upsurge in demand for BMT-type Tool Holders has been a significant contributor to export revenues.

Sphoorti derives approximately 47 percent of its turnover from exports, demonstrating its global reach and the demand for its products. The company's strategic focus on quality and its ability to cater to international markets, including the US, Russia, Europe, and others, has been instrumental in driving export revenues.

“This is the most rigid type of tool holding on a CNC Machine and is being implemented largely by North America, Korea, Japan, etc. Ironically, all other European countries, India, Taiwan, and China, are complying with the market needs,” he points out. “This BMT Turret and Tool Holder System will drive the future of CNC Machines and will be good for visualizing cohesiveness globally. Sphoorti is always on track to be a front-end supplier of tool holders for new developments, existing markets, and even products which are discontinued by machine builders. We wish to ensure CNC Machines do not stop running.”

Expanding international presence

To expand its international presence, Sphoorti actively participates in major global exhibitions like EMO, IMTS, TIMTOS, IMTEX, EXPOMAFE, and EXPOMANUFACTURA. “We are on a war footing to upscale the demands of machine tool builders from the West and our sales partners all over India and abroad,” Purohit states. “To support externally, we are continuously adding customers from the US, Brazil, Mexico, Russia, Taiwan, etc. They are all highly positive and shaking hands with Sphoorti in its growth graphs.”

As a company participating in major global exhibitions, it had a strong presence at EMO Hannover 2023. Purohit found the event more effective, with interactions being quite encouraging amidst the ongoing turbulence in the European market. “The number of visitors may have been lower than in previous years, but the quality of interactions and business discussions remained high,” he shares. “EMO Hannover continues to be a key platform for Sphoorti’s export business and a vital part of our global presence.”

Collaboration and growth strategy

Being a part of the AceMicromatic Group—one of the largest and most comprehensive machine tools groups—has had a substantial impact on Sphoorti’s growth and stability. The Managing Director elaborates, “Sphoorti is one of the group companies of the AceMicromatic Group that enjoys a major share of Tool Discs and Tool Holders business. We do have a special system of KANBAN to support instant supplies to Ace, and we strive to keep buffers to ensure a seamless supply chain. Micromatic’s sales offices across India play a crucial role in connecting Sphoorti products with the customers who require them.”

Sphoorti has set ambitious goals for the future and is determined to increase its turnover by 40 percent by 2025. It understands that growth depends not only on resources but also on the dedication of its employees. The company’s vision and mission drive it to provide high-quality products that lead to customer delight and value for money. “Sphoorti is on a speedy trajectory of growth plans. More than a mere expansion, we are meticulously looking at optimizing the efficiency of machines, equipment, vendors, infrastructure, and, most importantly, ‘people’,” says Purohit. “We are highly ambitious to scale up our business as we have affirmative business indicators and strong customer feedback. We strongly believe businesses can grow partially with their sources and significantly with their soul-hearted employees. Collectively, we are committed to becoming a major global player in the field of Tool Discs and Tool Holders.”

Sovan Tudu

Senior Sub-editor

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