Ming Xu’s Presses for High Accuracy and Durability

Precision High-Speed Presses

Established in 1993, Ming Xu is a wholly-owned Taiwanese company specializing in the design and manufacture of precision high-speed presses. These presses boast stamping capacities ranging from 1 to 600 tonne, addressing the demands of modern industries. Renowned for their safety, reliability, global competitiveness, and extended lifespan, Ming Xu presses embody innovation, creativity, and an unwavering commitment to high quality.

All Ming Xu presses adhere to the stringent Japan JIS super grade accuracy standard.

The CHD series, featuring BDC control, excels in accuracy retention for stack, skew, and thin stampings. Crafted as one-piece cast body presses, these machines ensure long-term precision through integral high-rigidity cast steel, benefiting from internal stress relief. Additionally, the implementation of a lubrication system and six-round guide poles minimizes kinetic friction forces and heat deformation, further solidifying the CHD series' reputation for high accuracy and durability.

Mingxu Stamping Solutions Pvt Ltd


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