Mitsubishi Electric’s M800V/M80V Series NC controllers

NC controllers

High-speed and high-precision laser machining control directly from your NC system! Mitsubishi Electric's M800V/M80V Series NC controllers now makes it possible to control laser machine by connecting to laser oscillator via interface unit in laser processing of sheet metal. This ensures machining under optimum conditions for material and thickness of workpiece.

Following the following 3 control functions helps users reduce cycle time and contribute towards reduction and prevention of machining defects:

DR (dross reduction) control: This laser control is appropriate for corners, etc. where speed is varied to reduce dross formation.

F-CUT (fly-cutting) control: With this control, processing of cutting zone and non-cutting zone can be alternately repeated without stopping axis movement.

Height control: Laser focal length is kept constant even when deflection occurs in workpiece, by detecting distance between laser head and machining surface of workpiece.

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