‘Made in India’ Smart Electro Heads and Servo Press Machines

Smart Electro Heads & Servo Presses

Orbital Mekatronik Systems offers ‘Made in India’ Smart Electro Heads and Servo Press Machines with automation for various operations such as positioning, pressing, bending, riveting, punching, coining, clinching, embossing, compacting, testing, and assembly of bearings, gears, shafts etc.

Servo Press / Smart Electro Head

The working capacity of this system ranges from 10 to 200 KN. It utilizes a precision roller screw designed for handling heavy loads. The servo control system includes a force sensor for enhanced control. Featuring an easy-to-use Human Machine Interface (HMI) for seamless operation. The system incorporates comprehensive process cycles with OK / NOK counts. Data recording capability with detailed reports is an integral part of the system. It includes a Type-4 Photo-Guard / 2 Hands Safety system for enhanced safety. Automation features for Load/Unload and Reject bin functionalities are part of the system.

Compact Electro Head

Orbital Mekatronik manufactures compact electro heads with Aluminum (AL) bodies. The working capacity of this compact system ranges from 2 to 30 KN. It employs a precision heavy-duty ball screw for optimal performance. The servo control system integrates a Touch Human-Machine Interface (HMI). The system offers strokes ranging from 200 to 600 mm. Various accessories and additional options are available to meet specific needs.

Projects can be customized to include additional automation for Load/Unload, Reject Jobs bin, RFID-based Access System, Data Logger, etc., based on customer requirements. 

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