Abrasive Tools

In response to the evolving preferences of today's consumers for smaller packaging units and functional sets, PFERD introduces a scaled-down packaging unit for its renowned COMBICLICK system.

Traditionally offering solutions for surface work and cutting in industry-standard packaging units, PFERD acknowledges the increasing demand from end users, including craftspeople and DIY enthusiasts, for more compact options.

Maintaining its commitment to versatility, PFERD has introduced three new sets: Universal, Premium, and Finish and Polish. The Universal set caters to universal applications across different materials, featuring aluminum oxide fiber discs. The Premium set, with ceramic oxide grain tools, is designed for working on stainless steel, hard non-ferrous metals, and high-temperature-resistant materials. The Finishand Polish set is crafted for finishing work, including COMBICLICK non-woven and felt discs.

Each set includes a COMBICLICK backing pad plus M14 spindle for compatibility with conventional, speed-adjustable angle grinders, all available in a 125 mm diameter. The sets are designed as taster packs, grouped thematically based on the most common applications, allowing customers the flexibility to make additional purchases of individual components in smaller packaging units tailored to their specific needs.


PFERD's patented quick-mounting and cooling system is adaptable for use with fiber, non-woven, and felt discs. Featuring a specially developed backing pad and a robust mounting system, the system offers effective protection against scratches and contact corrosion. This allows COMBICLICK tools to be seamlessly used on angle grinders.

The unique geometry of the cooling slots ensures high air throughput, significantly reducing the thermal load on the abrasive material and workpiece. The quick-mounting system, robust holder, secure tool-locking feature, and integrated cooling system collectively result in a workpiece temperature up to 30 percent lower, a 25 percent higher stock removal rate, a 30 percent longer tool life, and enhanced utilization of the abrasive material.

As a comprehensive unit, COMBICLICK tools are not only easy and convenient to handle but also facilitate faster changes, ultimately reducing process costs. This innovative system exemplifies PFERD's commitment to efficiency, longevity, and superior performance in abrasive tools.

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