Diamondspark 700 MC Metal Cored Wire

Metal Cored Wires

Diamondspark 700 MC metal cored wire manufactured with seamless technology is developed for shielded arc welding of thermo mechanically and quenched and tempered fine-grained structural steels. The metallurgy, combined with precise production technology, results in high strength, toughness, and excellent welding performance. Low-hydrogen weld metal at the level of solid wires, an extremely stable arc, and a wide box of applicable welding parameters are the main features. This unique filler material allows fabricators to enter a new era in productive, high-quality welding in robotized serial production.

This metal-cored wire is specifically formulated for all positions and is intended for use with high-strength steel with a yield strength of up to 690 MPa. It employs Ar-CO2 shielding gas, making it well-suited for applications in crane and lifting constructions, as well as offshore fabrications.

Its key features include seamless design and a highly clean manufacturing process, wide parameter box, dependable arc ignition, extremely stable spray arc, and designed chemistry.

The product features include ultra-low-hydrogen weld metal, total resistance against moisture absorption during storage and use, more spray arc welding, no starting defects, low spatter,  allows higher travel speed without undercut, straight welds with a smooth tie-in, reduced silicate islands, all-positional, but optimized for PA and PB, a wide range of applications in thermo-mechanically treated or quenched and tempered fine grain steel up to 690 MPa yield strength, can be used with M20 and M21 shielding gas, and excellent CVN impact toughness down to –60 °C.

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