Jindal Aluminium Elevates Excellence with Cutting-Edge Fabrication Division Launch

Bangalore, India – Jindal Aluminium Ltd, India’s largest aluminum extrusion company, announces the launch of a new fabrication division. Powered by in-house-developed tools, the new segment is another value-added offering after Jindal Aluminium’s launch of an environment-friendly powder coating unit. 

The foundation of the fabrication unit is based on cutting-edge machinery and equipment fueled by an expert team of skilled employees with more than a decade of experience in cutting, punching, and operating four-axis machines. It aims to tackle challenges associated with engineered aluminum fabrication.

Equipped with advanced technology, the company’s Four Axis Machining Center facilitates operations such as drilling, slot milling, angle drilling, tapping, pocket milling, and grooving. Its automated Sawing Machines, including the FOM Industries Mirage 600 and Panda 400, ensure precision, high speed, and maximum efficiency to carry out the desired degree of cutting operation. The Single Head Cutting Saw will provide a range of versatile cut lengths, and the Punching Machine, with an in-house design punching die tool, will provide services like slot punching, pocket punching, and hole punching with an auto-feeding system. From automatic straight cutting to slot punching and drilling, every mechanical operation is precisely calibrated to deliver excellence at every step of production. 

The newly inaugurated segment at the current stage will cater to building and construction products like interior and exterior architectural products, frameworks, windows and gates, appliances, furniture, exhibition displays, roofing, and many more. Jindal Aluminium’s latest fabrication division marks a strategic move towards solidifying its position as the leader in the engineered aluminum industry, poised for continued growth in the future.

Talking about the value-added offering, Pragun Khaitan, Vice Chairman and Managing Director, Jindal Aluminium Ltd, said, “Launching the fabrication unit marks a significant step in our journey to offer value-added service to our customers, and we are confident that they will benefit immensely from its versatility and precision.”

Image Source: Jindal Aluminium Ltd

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