Swiss Steel Group Redefines Die Casting with All-Inclusive Material Solutions

Lucerne, Switzerland – The Swiss Steel Group, a leading supplier of high-quality special steels, has further expanded its expertise in the field of die casting. By integrating material procurement, processing, and heat treatment, the Swiss Steel Group now offers a comprehensive one-stop solution for companies in the die casting sector.

Material sourcing plays a crucial role in the die casting industry, as the quality of the starting material has a significant influence on the end products. The Swiss Steel Group has used its extensive expertise in the production of special steels to offer high-quality materials for the die casting sector. Customers benefit from customized solutions that are tailored to their individual requirements.

The advantages of sourcing materials from the Swiss Steel Group for die casting are manifold:

  • High-quality special steels: Swiss Steel Group offers a wide range of special steels that have been specially developed for die casting. These steels are characterized by their outstanding mechanical-technological properties, such as high toughness, excellent resistance to hot wear and thermally induced stress cracking, as well as high thermal conductivity.
  • Customized solutions: Swiss Steel Group works closely with its customers to develop customized material solutions that meet the specific requirements of the die casting process. This enables optimum performance and efficiency in production.
  • Integrated process chain: From material sourcing to processing and heat treatment, Swiss Steel Group offers a seamless and integrated process chain. This leads to consistent and high-quality results in every step of the production process.
  • Increased efficiency: By combining material procurement, processing, and heat treatment under one roof, the Swiss Steel Group enables a significant increase in efficiency for its customers. The supply chain is optimized, resulting in shorter production times and lower overall costs.
  • Comprehensive expertise: The Swiss Steel Group has many years of experience and expertise in the field of special steels. Customers benefit from comprehensive advice and support throughout the entire production process.
  • With this expanded range of services, the Swiss Steel Group is strengthening its position as the preferred partner for companies in the die casting sector. Customers can rely on high-quality materials, customized solutions, and a seamless process chain to achieve their production goals.

Image Source: Swiss Steel Holding AG

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