Feintool to Open New Production Site in Pune

Lyss. Switzerland – Feintool International Holding AG is consolidating its strategic position as an important supplier of high-precision parts in Asian automotive production, with the founding of ‘Feintool System Parts India Pvt Ltd’ and a new production site in Pune.

 With an initial investment of CHF 15 million, the company is moving closer to long-standing customers who already produce in the region. Feintool System Parts India is establishing its presence in a promising market and reducing its CO2 footprint through significantly lower delivery-related emissions. Feintool production in Pune is expected to start in the summer of 2025.

 The new facility in Pune complements Feintool’s presence in Asia, with two production sites each in Japan (Atsugi and Tokoname) and China (Taicang and Tianjin). In the initial phase, starting from 2025, seat adjusters for various major automotive manufacturers will be produced in India. Feintool is the global market leader in the production of this fine blanked component. The site will also facilitate the implementation of new applications in the areas of battery and hydrogen-powered mobility, industry, and renewable energies in the future.

 Torsten Greiner, CEO, Feintool, commented, “With our expansion into India, we are meeting the needs of our long-standing customers, entering a promising geographic market, and contributing to shorter and, therefore, ecologically sustainable supply chains.”

Marcel Pernici, President, Feintool System Parts Asia, added, “We are pleased that we can now meet customer demand for production in India with the new Feintool plant in Pune and offer our technological expertise in the production of high-precision automotive parts locally.”

 Image Source: Feintool International Holding AG

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