IPCO to Debut High-Precision Film Casting Tech at Ceramitec 2024

New Pilot Film Casting Unit s

Fellbach, Germany – IPCO Germany GmbH, an industrial process systems company, will use Ceramitec—the world’s leading trade fair for the ceramics industry, scheduled for April 9-12, 2024—to showcase its high-precision film casting system for the production of thin films and ceramic tape.

Significant growth is expected in the market for ceramic sheet/tape material as demand increases for more efficient battery technologies and energy storage solutions. Applications include the use as solid state separators in batteries and as solid oxide or electrolyte barriers in fuel cells. Ceramic film is also used as the substrate or ‘green sheet’ onto which circuits are printed in the production of MLCC (Multi-Layer Chip Capacitor) semi-conductors.

IPCO’s continuous film casting system enables the production of film and tape products to exceptionally narrow tolerances. The system consists of three main components: a high precision slot die, a polished steel belt, and a drying or conditioning system. The slot die coater delivers a uniform casting of the product onto a continuously moving, polished steel belt. The film is carried to the IPCO Venturi dryer, a technology that eliminates any risk of skin formation on the product.

This is achieved through the use of permeable metal foam within the dryer. A flow of tempered air is applied to the upper side of this material, creating a low negative pressure effect on the lower side, resulting in a constant suction flow. This, in combination with heating from below the belt, means the solvent is evaporated and extracted from the film without the air coming into direct contact with the surface of the product. The result is an end product of exceptionally high quality, with low stress and virtually no risk of fault and imperfections. Films can be produced in thicknesses from 10-300 µm, depending on the end application.

Customer prototyping at advanced test facility

IPCO will also highlight the availability of its Productivity Center near Stuttgart, Germany. This advanced R&D facility is home to a complete film casting system incorporating heated slot dies of different sizes, a 700 mm wide polished steel belt with heating, one Venturi dryer, and two impingement sections. 

Film Casting - white film on polished belt

This plant is available for process assessment and product testing, and technicians and engineers are available to provide full support in terms of mapping the process in batch mode.


IPCO, a global force in process systems

IPCO is a world-leading supplier of high productivity systems for chemical processing, with applications ranging from chemical pastillation and film casting to extrusion and cooling equipment. The company also supplies innovative press and scattering solutions for the production of composite materials. An independent company owned by FAM AB, part of the Swedish Wallenberg Group, IPCO has 600 employees and more than 30 sales and service offices worldwide. This network of regional offices provides local, on-the-ground expertise backed up by a global service organization.


Image Source: IPCO Germany GmbH

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