Phillips Additive and Markforged Introduce FX20, ‘The Beast’ of 3D Printing

Navi Mumbai, India – Markforged, a leader in additive manufacturing technology, has unleashed ‘The Beast,’ which is all set to transform the manufacturing world with its unprecedented capabilities, with the grand launch of its biggest and fastest 3D Printer, the FX20. Launched in collaboration with Phillips Additive, the FX20 was recently unveiled at the Additive Manufacturing Summit 2024, held at The Park in Bengaluru, India, on March 20, 2024. 

With a substantial build volume of 525 mm by 400 mm by 400 mm, the FX20 is capable of printing builds nearly five times larger than its predecessors, at speeds up to eight times faster. This remarkable feat is made possible by Markforged’s proprietary Digital Forge platform, setting a new standard for productivity in additive manufacturing. When it comes to end-use, mission-critical parts in demanding industries, the traditional manufacturing process can be both time-consuming and costly. 

Speaking about the FX20’s potential impact on the Indian manufacturing industry, Anuj Budhiraja, VP, Additive Manufacturing, Phillips Machine Tools India Pvt Ltd, a 100% owned subsidiary of Phillips Corporation, USA, said that ‘it will redefine the way Indian manufacturers look at additive manufacturing’. “The FX20 is truly a ‘Beast’ as it offers new possibilities on the shop floor, along with strength and precision that not only match traditional manufacturing processes but also bring in more efficiency and cost savings,” he elaborated. “This state-of-the-art 3D printer will revolutionize the Indian manufacturing industry because of its capability to produce end-use, mission-critical components for demanding industries such as automotive, aerospace, defence, and energy, as well as drones and robotics. Moreover, it will prove to be a reliable partner for many day-to-day design and shop floor requirements.” 

A remarkable feature of the FX20 is its heated build chamber, which can maintain temperatures up to 200°C. This enables the printer to utilize flame-retardant, high-performance thermoplastic materials, which are ideal for demanding applications across industry sectors. From intricate detailing to complex internal structures, the FX20 delivers exceptional surface finish and precision, opening doors to new opportunities in manufacturing.

Highlighting the immense potential of 3D printing technology in the Indian context, Prrashant Sinha, Country Manager - India, Markforged, said that it could bring the much-needed disruption that can propel the industry to newer heights. “The Indian manufacturing industry is going through a dynamic transition as it looks to become the design and manufacturing hub for the world. Importantly, manufacturing is at the core of India’s ambitious economic rise,” he continued. “In this scenario, additive manufacturing technology can truly be a game-changer with its vast potential for innovation and efficient operations. With the right equipment, 3D Printing can bring in a paradigm shift with regard to all the key parameters that drive the manufacturing industry: speed to market, flexibility in design, precision and quality in the product, cost efficiency, and supply chain agility.” 

Markforged and Phillips Additive are on a mission to bring production to the point of need, empowering the Indian manufacturing industry to become more resilient, robust, and flexible. The FX20 is a step forward in this mission, reducing the Indian manufacturers’ dependency on supply chains while also building and strengthening their in-house capabilities. The FX20 launch was well attended by heads and senior members from industry sectors like automotive, aerospace, electronics, EVs, drones, and robotics, as well as research representing functions like design, R&D, new product development (NPD), and production. 

Saravanan Sakhtivel, Director - Advanced Manufacturing Engineering, Ola Electric Mobility Pvt Ltd, described the launch event as the coming together of different domains for a common cause. Speaking about the FX20, he commented: “Immediately, it has parked on my mind with regards to what are the components that I can print using this printer, like fixtures and toolings that usually we do with conventional manufacturing but now can be done using this printer.”

Similarly, B Thej Kumar, Vice President Operations Product Development and Quality, Toyoda Gosei South India Pvt Ltd called the event ‘a good opportunity to interact with the best of the industry’. “The takeaways from the FX20 launch event first of all include networking. Secondly, I got new learnings about additive manufacturing that I did not know before coming here,” he further stated. “It is also good to know about the various educational initiatives of Markforged University in this field. Today, AM is taking a big leap, and FX20 could be one of the very promising machines that could help in our R&D activities.”

Image Source: Phillips Machine Tools India Pvt Ltd

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