HDFC Mutual Fund Launches HDFC Manufacturing Fund

Mumbai, India – HDFC Mutual Fund, India’s leading mutual fund investment company, has announced the HDFC Manufacturing Fund, an open-ended equity scheme that taps the power of India’s manufacturing sector. The aim of the fund is to generate long-term capital growth by investing mainly in equity and equity-related securities of manufacturing companies.

Under the stewardship of Rakesh Sethia, the subscription period of the fund is from April 26 - May 10, with a focus on discovering companies that can take advantage of the resurgence of manufacturing in India. It hinges on a number of aspects, including higher consumption, investments, and export deals, plus government reforms, policies, and incentives that encourage self-reliance.

A core portfolio that dominates 80 percent of stocks in widely diversified manufacturing sectors dominates the investment strategy. The fund’s flexible approach allows for investments across various market capitalizations, providing exposure to a broad range of manufacturing opportunities.

Navneet Munot, Managing Director, and CEO, HDFC Asset Management Co Ltd, indicated his excitement about having this fund as another option in their diverse product range. Similarly, Sethia summarized the fund’s investment approach, which entailed a bottom-up research process to identify companies with solid long-term growth prospects, spanning from established firms in the industry to innovative disruptors.

HDFC Manufacturing Fund, which targets investors who are looking for long-term capital growth and are inclined towards the manufacturing sector, offers an opportunity for them to invest predominantly in equity and equity-related securities aligned with the manufacturing sector.

Image Source: Magic Wand Media

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