L-R: Achim Gauss, Managing Director, Zimmer Group; Sunil Raibagi, Managing Director Asia and Vice President, Business Development and Strategy, Zimmer Group; Hrishikesh Kulkarni, Chief Operating Officer, Zimmer Automation Pvt Ltd; Martin Zimmer, Founder & President, Zimmer Group and Suchitra Raibagi, Managing Director, Zimmer Group India at the new production facility in India.

Zimmer Group, a leading provider of automation and robotics solutions, inaugurated its game-changing production facility on April 16, 2024, in Kikvi, near Pune. This decisive step in the company’s internationalization strategy reflects its commitment to innovation and excellence in the Indian and Asian markets.

The Indian subsidiary, which has been operating in Pune since 2017, is now a fundamental part of the global network and an integral pillar of Zimmer Group’s global initiative. The new ‘THE KNOW-HOW FACTORY’ will play a key role in the production and development of highly specialized automation solutions, using the latest manufacturing technologies and Industry 4.0 standards to increase efficiency and ensure sustainable production.

The inaugural ceremony witnessed the presence of industry heavy weights such as Martin Zimmer, Founder & President, Zimmer Group; Achim Gauss, Managing Director, Zimmer Group; Sunil Raibagi, Managing Director Asia and Vice President, Business Development and Strategy, Zimmer Group; along with Suchitra Raibagi, Managing Director, Zimmer Group India; and esteemed guest Rajesh Nath, Managing Director, German Engineering Federation (VDMA India).

Other key leaders from Zimmer Group included Ankuresh Pandey, Sales Director Asia Pacific, Zimmer Group Asia Ltd; Joreg Schleicher, Head of Technical Support and Services, Zimmer Group Asia Ltd; Alex Maeng, General Manager-Sales & Marketing, Zimmer Group, South Korea; and Anuj Prasad, Head Technical Sales and Business Development, Zimmer Automation Pvt Ltd.

Committed to the Indian market

By solidifying its presence in India, the Group remains true to its core principle of delivering innovations that drive the industry forward. The move underscores its commitment to creating jobs and contributing to the economic development of the region.

Owing to its resources and a growing market, India instills a sense of optimism, as Gauss remarked, “India today is the most popular country with rich resources, and also it is a growing market. Hence, it was our obvious choice for a new facility. Here, the facility will be making standard and system solutions not just for India but for the Asian market as well.”

Zimmer and Sunil Raibagi hailed the occasion as a definitive move in Zimmer Group’s global expansion strategy, propelling it towards unparalleled heights of technological innovation and excellence.

‘THE KNOW-HOW FACTORY’ is slated to contribute hugely to the production of specialized automation solutions.

Crafting innovation in Pune

The facility boasts a state-of-the-art quality control room, a fully equipped training and demonstration area, and a design studio.

Sunil Raibagi cited a ‘systematic approach’ to upholding quality standards. He also highlighted that the facility’s highly-trained team collaborates with its German counterparts for coordination with Zimmer headquarters.

The new plant comprises a modern infrastructure with 17,000 sq ft of production space and an additional 10,000 sq ft of office space, built to the highest standards of environmental friendliness and sustainability, and offers customized solutions and automation technology.

Customer proximity and collaboration

Initially focusing on automotive and components for IC engines, the company has now expanded into the EV industry, catering to a varied spectrum of industries where systems like quality, IT, process, and monitoring are crucial, and ‘The Know-How Factory’ will further bridge customer demands with tailored solutions.

From flat swivel units aiding orientation changes to shock absorbers enhancing safety, Zimmer’s offerings address diverse requirements. With a focus on automation, the facility highlights automatic tool-changing units and tailor-made solutions.

“The facility underscores Zimmer Group’s commitment to providing advanced solutions for diverse applications, including manufacturing, assembly, and automation,” added Hrishikesh Kulkarni, Chief Operating Officer, Zimmer Automation Pvt Ltd. “Leveraging the company’s global presence and extensive portfolio of over 10,000 system grippers and a focus on precision, reliability, and Industry 4.0 compliance, Zimmer Group aims to revolutionize the manufacturing landscape.”

Associates speak

Citing Zimmer Group’s association spanning 15 years and importing Zimmer products to India initially, Pradeep V Katti, EBU India-Manufacturing Engineering, Cummins Technologies India Pvt Ltd, noted, “Zimmer has always provided great service, even outside of India. Now that it’s in India, it is more advantageous for us in terms of cost, service, and product delivery.”

Likewise, Shirish Dixit, Founder & Director of R2A Automation Pvt Ltd, a company specializing in automation systems, affirmed, “We have had Zimmer India’s support since 2018. Its round-the-clock availability and exceptional application solutions align with our requirements. Zimmer’s exhaustive range of products and extensive experience in this field is commendable.”

Future forward

As India paves the way for new avenues and opportunities, accelerating sectoral reforms through policies and other Government initiatives, Zimmer Group’s ‘THE KNOW-HOW FACTORY’ is sure to contribute towards development and growth in the country’s manufacturing landscape.

Sovan Tudu
Senior Sub-Editor
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