Zeller+Gmelin’s Divinol Gear Oil Earns Coveted Volvo Approval

Eislingen, Germany – Zeller+Gmelin, the lubricant manufacturer, is expanding its Divinol range to include high-performance gear oils and also meets the strict specifications of the automobile manufacturers. The premium Divinol Gear Oil ST 80W90 has recently been tested according to the Volvo standard 1273.21 (also known as Volvo 97321) and approved by the OEM Volvo. A modern combination of base oils and high-quality additive components ensures that the product has very good aging stability and is therefore suitable for long oil change intervals.

As a long-standing supplier of engine and transmission oils for the automotive industry under the Divinol brand, Zeller+Gmelin is a well-known partner for automobile manufacturers and Tier 1 suppliers. The growing range includes two-stroke oils as well as single-grade and multi-grade oils for commercial vehicles, cars, and motorcycles. Andreas Krapf, Automotive Product Manager, Zeller+Gmelin, explains, "With our new Divinol ST 80W90 gear oil, we are presenting users with a versatile, high-performance hypoid gear oil that was specially developed for use in drive axles and GL5 manual transmissions." Due to its versatility and efficiency, it can also be used to clean up the types of vehicles in mixed fleets. Krapf continues, "Our ‘Total Driveline’ product is ideal for heavy-duty commercial vehicles such as construction, forestry, and agricultural machinery or trucks. Due to its multi-use properties, however, it is also suitable for light commercial vehicles and cars, depending on the respective requirements."

Approval According to Volvo and Scania Standards

Thanks to Zeller+Gmelin’s consistent focus on the automotive industry, Divinol Gear Oil ST 80W90 meets the Scania STO 1:0 standard as well as approval according to Volvo Standard 1273.21/Volvo 97321. Krapf explains, "The approval according to the strict Volvo standards underlines the quality and compatibility of our gear oil. We are once again meeting the growing requirements of manufacturers. At the same time, these approvals are proof of reliable performance and long-term operational safety in various vehicle types."

Resource Efficiency and Versatility in Use

The new Divinol ST 80W90 gear oil is impressive due to its versatility in use and the possibility of emitting a lower CO² footprint over the life of the oil—compared to gear oils with standard oil change intervals (simple GL-4 and GL-5 oils)—in relation to the production of the oil and the use of raw materials through extended oil change intervals. Other advantages are the excellent wear protection and the outstanding EP properties. The gear oil offers protection against scoring and pitting and shows good compatibility with the usual sealing materials. In addition, it has a stable viscosity at high temperatures and excellent flowability even at low temperatures.

Divinol Gear Oil ST 80W-90 (#52030) Advantages at a Glance

  • Excellent wear protection
  • High oxidation and temperature resistance
  • Good compatibility with common sealing materials
  • Stable viscosity even at high temperatures
  • Excellent flowability at low temperatures
  • Extended oil change intervals

Image Source: Zeller+Gmelin

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