Mercedes-Benz Commits INR 3,000 Cr Investment in Maharashtra

Bangalore, India – Mercedes-Benz, the German auto giant, plans to invest INR 3,000 crore in Maharashtra, creating employment opportunities in the state, according to Uday Samant, Minister of Industries of Maharashtra.

This announcement came after the minister visited Germany, where he met with Mercedes-Benz’s top executives to discuss investment opportunities in the state. As per the company’s statement, it had planned to invest US$ 24 million (approx INR 200 crore) in India this year in January.

In a further discussion with the Baden-Württemberg Government representatives, the Minister focused on bridging the skilled labor gap and equipping Maharashtra’s workforce with technical skills and German language proficiency to facilitate employment with German companies.

In its 30th year in India, Mercedes-Benz has so far invested INR 3,000 crore in its plant, and the latest investment boost underscores the company’s confidence in the Indian market and its commitment to driving sustainable growth in the region.


Image Source: Magic Wand Media

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