Swiss Steel Group Pioneers Digital Transformation for Greener Steel Production

Emmenbrücke, Switzerland and Witten, Germany – Swiss Steel Group, one of the market-leading producers of steel on the electric arc furnace route, emphasizes the importance of precise data in sustainable steel production. With over 2.2 million tonnes of scrap processed each year, the company is not only one of the largest recycling companies in Europe but also a pioneer in the production of ‘green steel’—high-quality, environmentally friendly steel made from recycled material.

Precise Data for Highest Scrap Quality

The use of precisely pre-sorted scrap is crucial for energy-efficient and low-CO2 steel production. The better the quality of the scrap, the higher the quality of the steel produced from it. Precise data on the composition of the scrap is essential for this. New scrap, unmixed scrap material from metal processing, makes it possible to control the composition of the new steel to the exact gram and thus produce high-quality products.

Scrap is Not Waste, But a Valuable Raw Material

Steel is the most recycled material in the world. Scrap has developed from a waste product into a sought-after and expensive raw material. With its locally based steelworks, the Swiss Steel Group plays a decisive role in establishing regional circular economies. In Germany, France, and Switzerland, most of the scrap for the Swiss Steel Group’s plants comes from within a radius of 90 to 100 kilometers, which minimizes the environmental impact of transport.

Scrap Dealers as System Partners and ‘Big Data’ Service Providers

In the past, scrap dealers mainly negotiated on price. Today, they are fully integrated system partners who are paid for quality and punctuality. Scrap quality is continuously improved using a five-stage process maturity model. In a joint project with scrap suppliers and several universities, the Swiss Steel Group is working on the development of a digital twin of the incoming scrap. This ‘big data’ project enables the steelworks to recognize the exact type of scrap delivered in advance. This leads to more efficient delivery, and production, and ultimately to higher steel quality.

The Digital Twin - Leading the Way for the Steel Industry

The digital twin of scrap will revolutionize the production of green steel and intelligently drive forward the circular economy. Frank Koch, CEO, of Swiss Steel Group, emphasizes: “This program is groundbreaking for us: we are following our strategy of positioning ourselves as a leader in the field of sustainable steel production.”

The innovative use of precise data and state-of-the-art technology shows that it is no coincidence that the Swiss Steel Group is the current winner of the German Sustainability Award. It attaches great importance to being one of the pacesetters in the decarbonization of the steel industry. It was also the first steel company in the world to receive the SBTI Validation.   


Image Source: Swiss Steel Group

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