Holding the Vision

It takes a tremendous amount of passion and effort to shape an idea and see it through to its success. With the handholding of the eminent Godrej Organization, the vision for an entire machine tool event was turned into a reality. It’s been 50 years to it with IMTEX growing bigger and grander year after year with an unparalleled fan following. The support from the Organization, however, remains the same. A snapshot of the expo’s remarkable journey...

"I remember the first IMTEX in 1969. It was at Godrej. It was small. But what impressed me most was – it was world-class. Even at that time the execution was world-class, although it was tiny. I think that set the culture of IMTEX right through. Because the way you do it the first time and then you maintain that and improve over the years is what, I think, has made IMTEX beyond doubt the best managed, the best organized show in the country," says Jamshyd N Godrej, Chairman - Exhibitions, Indian Machine Tool Manufacturers’ Association (IMTMA).

His words paint a scene of an impeccable machine tool show whose journey began 50 years ago. The reason he can so vividly recall it is because he has seen the trade fair since its infancy from extreme close quarters and has been a constant part of its evolution. IMTEX was the vision of Naval Godrej, who, fascinated with the subject of machine tools, took up the initiative and made IMTEX his mission.



The Vision that took Shape

Considered the most momentous event of 1969, the first All India Machine Tools Exhibition (AIMTEX) was organized by IMTMA in Bombay from December 14 to 21. An entirely machine tool show and the first ever industrial exhibition of its kind in India, it bore testimony to IMTMA’s relentless enthusiasm to create a platform to nurture the Indian machine tools industry and get it on par with international standards. In the last fifty years it has continued to be relevant by keeping pace with global developments in machine tools as well as technologies. And this undoubtedly is the greatest success of brand IMTEX.

The Godrej Organization’s Contribution

The exhibition was held at the newly built plant No. 10 of Godrej & Boyce Mfg Co Pvt Ltd. Beyond being the Chairman
of the organizing committee, Naval Godrej (justly considered the founding father of IMTEX) took a very personal interest and spared no effort in making the machine tools event a fruitful proposition. The Godrej Organization not only placed its premises at the disposal of the Association, but also extended complete support in terms of facilities and manpower in the planning, designing and organizing of the event. The practice is continued even today.


The IMTEX of today has come of age with its current stature in the global machine tool space being something to marvel at. It has risen over the challenges on the way, remaining true to its purpose of showcasing the cutting-edge in global trends to our domestic players on their home turf.

IMTEX has always been a technology fair from the Indian perspective. From where it stands today, the expo can be seen as the link between technology and the high consumption-driven economic growth in India. Broad-based on the ground realities of the Indian market and with an eye on the anticipated trends in the industry, the current edition of IMTEX will showcase advanced technologies like 3D Printing, Internet of Things, Automation, Robotics, and Industry 4.0. IMTMA is introducing two exclusive pavilions: Additive Manufacturing Expo and Factory of the Future: An Expo on Industry 4.0. To cater to the massive crowds thronging the event, an extra hall has been appended to BIEC, the venue of the event.

In the last 50 years, IMTEX has continued to be relevant by keeping pace with global developments in machine tools as well as technologies.

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