Staying Close to the Customer

One of the several things contributing to TRUMPF India’s massive success is its customer-centric approach which permeates every aspect of the company’s business. The leading supplier of Sheet Metal Machines and Laser technologies has its vision all chalked out by being in its customers’ proximity and gauging their needs even before they realize.

TRUMPF (India) Pvt Ltd celebrated its 13th anniversary in July this year and owes its remarkable success attained over the years largely to its customers who are based in India, Bangladesh, and Sri Lanka. “It’s with the prodigious support from our customers that we have reached this milestone,” notes Pradeep Patil, Managing Director, TRUMPF (India).

It was in 2006 that the company embarked on its journey with an office in Baner (Pune) with mere three employees. “Today, we stand tall with our state-of the art ‘Customer Experience Center’ in Hinjewadi, Pune with over a hundred employees stationed across various locations in India,” he shares with evident pride. The company has always kept customers at its very core, and while doing so it has evolved what is known to be a customer-centric organization.

With focus on its customers at their ground level, it has found a way to hear them better. “We are driven to get closer to our customers. In 2017, we opened our first regional office and regional spare part warehouse in Bengaluru to cater to the needs of our customers from South India. We will have another regional office and warehouse in the North before the end of 2019,” informs Pradeep Patil.

This growth, he stresses, was unthinkable without the trust and support from its customers, business associates and employees. Its Hinjewadi facility is spread across 2.5 acre, and the growth in sales turnover has been double-digit for the last 3 consecutive years in India, and for the next fiscal year, the company aims at continuing this growth pattern.

Catering to a wide range of customers

As a high-tech company, TRUMPF India provides manufacturing solutions in the fields of Machine tools, Laser technology, and Electronics. “One-stop solution and single window support for sheet metal applications has made us the preferred choice of our customers from various promising industries in India like Infrastructure, Railways, Automotive and Aerospace, Switchgear etc.,” shares Pradeep Patil, adding that Infrastructure and Railways are primary revenue generators for TRUMPF India.

TRUMPF’s 2D Laser Cutting Machine with multiple outputs of Laser is the most preferred solution in the Indian market. “Entrepreneurs are changing their way of looking at capex investments. Their main goal is to buy the best machine and maximize the utilization of resources. That gives them a competitive edge in their respective markets,” he notes. This 2D Laser Cutting Machine provides both the possibilities of Cutting and Welding – The first output of Laser source is used for Laser Cutting and the second one can be used for Laser Welding, one after the other.

This saves upon the investment on another source for Laser Welding. “Though it does not sound easy, our users such as in railways bogie manufacturing etc. are practically using the same for serving their customers,” informs Pradeep Patil.

Laser sources for various applications

TRUMPF offers ‘Power of Choice’ with 8 different types of Laser sources suitable for different industrial applications including Cutting, Cladding, Welding, Hardening, and Marking. “For a good Laser-based industrial solution, the initial investment may look high, so return on investment matters the most. With our application knowledge and wide experience, we offer support in selecting the right Laser based on productivity requirements of an industrial application,” he states.

Other than general applications, TRUMPF Lasers are becoming a benchmark in Additive Manufacturing or Metal 3D Printing, E-mobility and BS VI applications. The company offers best-in-class 3D Printing production systems that are used in various industries like Medical implants, Tools and Dies, Automotive and Aerospace. With regard to E-mobility, Laser Welding of copper and its alloys play a major role in the production of Lithium Ion batteries. With TRUMPF’s proven solutions in this field, it is already geared up to support its customers in India as well. Its proven Laser technology in fuel injection mechanism, transmission, powertrain, exhaust system, Body in White (BIW) part production with mass volumes is slated to contribute majorly in the transition of India’s automotive landscape to BS VI norms.

TRUMPF has been among the top international players catering to the Laser Cutting market in India for a long time. Pradeep Patil congratulates the domestic players for their efforts in integrating the company’s Fiber Laser sources with their machines together as ‘Make in India’ initiative. “They are introducing Lasers to the entry level market with economic machines and making the industry Laser-ready. These small industries shall gain experience and upgrade to high-end technology machines such as TRUMPF, which are more efficient with better price performance ratio,” he states.

On Chinese peers Of late, Chinese Laser companies have started to capture the Indian market with their low-cost Laser Machines. On whether it poses a competition, Pradeep Patil states, “Chinese Machine manufacturers attract new entrepreneurs who intend to enter the Laser business. Financial risks are covered due to low investment in initial years. However, change in dynamics is observed. Customers who started their business 2-3 years ago with Chinese machines, now aspire to enter the mainstream business by expanding their accessible markets. Mainstream market demands productivity, quality, repeatability, longevity and service support. This is where TRUMPF offers most lucrative value propositions that ensure sustainability in our customers’ business. In fact, we look up to Chinese Machine manufacturers as complementors and not competitors,” he says, summing up beautifully.

TRUMPF’s proven Laser technology in fuel injection mechanism, transmission, powertrain, exhaust system, Body in White (BIW) part production with mass volumes is slated to contribute majorly in the transition of India’s automotive landscape to BS VI norms.

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