TASI Product Integrity's Consolidated India Operation Expands

Pune, India – TASI Group’s Product Integrity organization expands in India with a new larger office and an Engineering Center of Excellence as it redefines leak testing, process control, and data management for Industry 4.0. These company’s include Cincinnati Test Systems, innomatec, and Sciemetric, that operate in India under the legal name Sciemetric India Pvt Corp. In addition to Sierra-CP, which brings its products and expertise in designing and building automotive test solutions and operates in India as CP India Test Systems.

All the aforesaid companies came together under one roof in Pune to consolidate their Indian Sales and Support operations. The new office address is situated in Warje, Maharashtra, under the corporate name, India Sciemetric Technologies India (P) Ltd. The Pune facility also includes a full application and demonstration lab where customers can experience first-hand Product Integrity’s extensive product portfolio.

Spanning the CTS Sentinel line, the innomatec LTC line, and a full range of pneumatic Quick Connects, TASI Product Integrity has the digital precision and data management to overcome any leak test challenge. This is coupled with Industry 4.0 technologies for in-process testing, front-line defect detection, and distributed process control, for both Sciemetric sigPOD and EDGE. Backing it all up are advanced data analytics platforms, such as the QualityWorX CTS DataHub for leak test, and the QualityWorX and Sciemetric Studio platforms for virtually any repeatable process in a plant. The group’s consolidated India operation is active on the ground across the country through its channel network.

“Despite the profound global challenges of the past year, our unified India operation has doubled its headcount and expects to double again in 2021,” explained Kevin Hansell, President, TASI Product Integrity. “Not only does TASI Product Integrity serve our industrial and manufacturing customers across India, we also tap into the country’s outstanding pool of engineering talent to supplement our other R&D teams in Asia, Europe, and North America.”

“Wherever our customers are in the world, they can count on CTS for the highest quality products and most highly trained engineers to provide leak and function test solutions for their production challenges,” asserted Mike Tanniru, General Manager, Cincinnati Test Systems. “The expansion of our presence in India continues to combine this passion for engineering excellence with best-in-class customer service and support.”

On the expansion, Martin Hird, Managing Director, Sierra-CP and CP India, said, “Joining our new family in Pune builds on the critical mass we have established as a team in India since 2006 to deliver new complementary, localized products that continue to push the boundaries of innovation, quality, customer support, and value for money for our automotive and industrial customers across the manufacturing and research sectors.”

On similar lines, thanking the dedicated effort of the team, Shankar Krishnamurthy, General Manager, Sciemetric and VP and GM, Asia Pacific, TASI Product Integrity, added, “We continue to address a diverse range of customer requirements and deliver the proven test solutions and Industry 4.0 capabilities that support their long-term growth and profitability.”

Emphasizing on key features to customer acceptance Mike Schillings, General Manager, innomatec, concluded, “I am proud to see how the consolidated efforts of the TASI Product Integrity team have continued to benefit our customers over the past year. Both new and existing customers can see the passion that motivates us all.”

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