CMTI Precision Metrology Laboratory Undergoes Modernization

Bengaluru, India – Central Manufacturing Technology Institute (CMTI) modernizes its existing facility to a state-of-the-art facility in an effort to enhance customer’s ultra-precision manufacturing technology capabilities and contribute to the competitiveness of the capital goods sector.

The Modernization of Precision Metrology Laboratory of CMTI (MOPML) project was sanctioned under the Competitiveness Enhancement scheme for the Indian Capital Goods sector by the Department of Heavy Industry (DHI) as part of the Common Engineering Facility Center (CEFC). The cost of the project is ? 918 lakhs for a 2-year term and is funded by the DHI and Government of Karnataka (GoK). The new facility consists of several dimensional and form-measuring devices, with precision up to a submicrometer level to ensure ultra-precise results repeatedly.

The laboratory is a CEFC offering affordable Quality metrology services to MSME. The project aims at providing services to SMEs in the field of dimensional metrology, consultancy services, and human resources development to the industries. Heavy manufacturing, machine machinery, automakers, and aerospace industries are the beneficiary industries. The facilities / equipment obtained under this project are providing calibration / inspection services indigenously. The laboratory currently provides services to approximately 300 industries per annum and it comprises some 200-dimensional metrology laboratories accredited by NABL.

Image source: CMTI

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