Lakshmi N Mittal as Executive Chairman and Aditya Mittal as CEO of ArcelorMittal

Luxembourg City, Luxembourg – World’s leading steel company, ArcelorMittal announced that Aditya Mittal, currently President, Chief Financial Officer and CEO, ArcelorMittal Europe, will become Chief Executive Officer of the company. He succeeds his father, Lakshmi N Mittal, the founder of the company and currently Chairman and CEO, to become Executive Chairman, continuing to lead the Board of Directors as well as working together with the CEO and management team. As a result of these developments, Genuino Christino will become Chief Financial Officer, who has held the position of Head of Finance since 2016.

The company begins 2021 in a position of comparative strength despite the obvious challenges of previous years and having achieved some key strategic targets, discussing on transition and on Aditya Mittal, Lakshmi Mittal added, “We have worked closely together since he joined the company in 1997, indeed in recent years we have effectively been managing the company together. He has an unrivalled knowledge of the business and a keen sense of how the company must continue to transform to remain the world’s leading steel company. As Chief Executive, he will be taking on the effective day to day running of the company, but we will continue to work very closely together and I remain as fascinated, engaged, and committed to the company’s long-term success as ever. I am looking forward to this next chapter.”

Feeling privileged and honoured by the opportunity, speaking further on the company’s capabilities, Aditya Mittal asserted, “The world is transforming at a very rapid pace and this change brings challenges but also many opportunities for ArcelorMittal. The biggest challenge, but also the biggest opportunity, will be to demonstrate that steel can decarbonize and indeed is the perfect material for a circular economy. This will undoubtedly be a critical driver of our strategy in the coming years and decades. That Mr Mittal will remain very involved as Executive Chairman is a great advantage – his wisdom, knowledge and insight will be invaluable, and I look forward to us continuing to work very closely together for many years to come.”

Speaking on similar lines and delighted by the shift of leadership roles, terming it as “well-planned transition” Bruno Lafont, Lead Independent Non-Executive Director, ArcelorMittal, concluded that the company is well positioned to succeed in the coming decade and beyond.

Image Source: ArcelorMittal

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