Mastercam Reports Success in Manufacturing in Tough 2020 Environment

Tolland, USA – CNC Software, Inc., developer of the world’s leading CAD/CAM software platform: Mastercam, acknowledged numerous positive results of hard work and perseverance through the global pandemic challenges. Manufacturing and in particular the Mastercam community, showed resilience through nimble shifts in organization and production strategies. The suite of solutions from Mastercam helped manufacturers to improve productivity and reduce costs in an ever more competitive global environment, through challenges and uncertainty. For the 27th consecutive year, it achieved strong results like releasing Mastercam 2021 on schedule and beating 2019 revenue, continuing to be the world’s most widely used CAM software.

Expediting response to the challenges

Rapid responses like shifting its workforce to 100 percent remote, and training / educational programs (related to software release) shifted to digital platforms, enabled CNC Software to provide steadfast support for a network of Mastercam Resellers that made accommodations and swift changes themselves to support manufacturing enterprises worldwide. Mastercam resellers empowered the implementation of modern manufacturing into production processes that were vital in the 2020 pandemic-relief effort as part of the collective response, as Mastercam drove improved automation, productivity, and cost savings for shops.

Honouring companies and employees

Mastercam released a video recently expressing gratitude to the manufacturing community, in honor of companies and employees that ramped up production or shifted gear as needed to keep communities stocked with PPE and household necessities. Many Mastercam Resellers and users were among those answering this call. Some of the highlights included Bittersweet Update from Purdue University Formula SAE Team; New York Reseller Teams Up to Provide PPE; Mastercam Reseller Cimquest Responds to the Pandemic; IME Attacks COVID-19 on Multiple Fronts; Mastercam Reseller OptiPro Makes Face Shields for Nursing Homes; and Manufacturing is Strong in the Fight against COVID-19.

Additional steps and partnership

Mastercam took many steps to provide its user community an increased value throughout 2020, including local and global initiatives like Workshops for Warriors, WorldSkills, TITANS of CNC Academy, Manufacturing Day, Big Brothers Big Sisters, and more. It also supported numerous educational programs and competitions. Over 20,000 people received free Mastercam University courses, as well as a free Mastercam Dynamic Thinking series of content which included webinars, recorded, and made available as videos, blogs, and more. Partnerships with leading machine tool and tooling manufacturers expanded, new post processors were developed, an improved Mastercam Swiss solution was released, software licensing launched globally, and efforts have been made to improve Mastercam's usability and functionality seamlessly. In the view of the future of manufacturing, it continues to assess, refine, and expand on behalf of a worldwide user base.

Meghan West, President and CEO, CNC Software Inc., shared, “This past year was a reminder of the role that manufacturing plays in the global community. Even when the world stops, manufacturing does not. Even when we see disruptions of such great magnitude, our employees, our Resellers, and our customers continue to forge on to produce the items that the world relies on. It is an honor to be a small part of empowering that process. Mastercam’s mission is to solve the world’s manufacturing challenges, and this past year was a testament to that commitment.”

Image Source: Mastercam


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