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Mahr Metrology India has successfully positioned itself in the list of top suppliers of testing and measuring equipment in the country. Vouched by its customers for user-friendly, high-quality products and remarkable after-sales support, the company has been expanding its footprint across a wide range of industries…

Mahr GmbH, the parent company of Mahr Metrology India Pvt Ltd, started its journey way back in 1861 in Esslingen, Germany, manufacturing, and trading in high-precision Metrology Systems including Contour Testers, Height Gauges, Gear Testers,
Digital Micrometers and more.

In India, its 100 percent-owned subsidiary company got incorporated in 2007 with Chennai as the Head Office location and branch offices spread across the country. Today, its branch offices are located in Bangalore, Delhi, Pune, and Ahmedabad.

R Ganesan, Managing Director, Mahr Metrology India, takes us through the company’s growth years since its inception until its present stature. “It’s been 14 glorious years of accomplishments. We have had a consistent and sustainable growth owing to our highly loyal customer base. They keep coming back to us since we understand what they want and offer them just that. They are extremely satisfied with our products’ quality and their user-friendly nature, and remarkable after-sales and application engineering support.”

However, the secret to the success of any business is its ability to adapt to the latest technological changes. Hence, to continue evolving and offering customers the cutting-edge products, Mahr India, for the last five years, has joined hands with highly efficient business partners to promote its range of Hand Tools, reaching out to customer segments PAN India.

Expanding footprint

Although Mahr is a dominant player for providing solutions in the Automotive/Ancillaries industry, in the last six-seven years, it has started focusing on Non-automotive segments like Aerospace, Defense, Medical, Machine Tools and Cutting Tools. In terms of revenue, the Automotive segment still remains the top generator for the company contributing around 60 percent. “Due to the recent ‘Make in India’ push by the Government, there is a strong momentum taking place in the Defense sector, which, we believe, will fetch us more share in the coming years. The Aerospace industry is also gaining importance due to the recent Government policies,” shares Ganesan.

He continues to add that the Indian customers are well receptive to the company’s globally hit products such as Reference Form Tester and New Generation Contour Measuring machines. At present, Mahr is offering 80 percent of its standard products and 20 percent as customized solutions to its Indian customers. “We are in the process of increasing tailor-made solutions for our customers here in the coming years. In India, customers prefer to buy MarSurf and Marform product ranges due to quick delivery period,” he adds.

Innovation is key

Mahr has come up with SMAHRT series of measurement devices that covers Integrated Wireless technology for workshop handheld instruments. Helping us understand how innovative is it from the company’s previous offerings, Ganesan says, “Our Wireless integrated devices are based on RFID technology and are widely accepted in the Indian market due to their durability along with IP ratings 65 and above, which is a key demand in the market. Our instruments are available with integrated set-up, designed for shopfloor dust and oil/coolant exposure. Instruments user interface software Marcom Professional is a powerful software with options to get the data in Excel or communicate to SPC software for further analysis of the data. MarCom Professional comes along with the package at no extra cost.”

When asked regarding the competition with other domestic players and how does the company ensure staying ahead, Ganesan adds, “Product efficiency and cost-effectiveness are our biggest selling points. For example, our Digital Caliper comes with a 3-year battery life. Hence, the reliability of result repeatability and reproducibility extended for one year. Millimess 1003 dial can last up to 10 years with the given accuracy in the catalogue. Hence, considering these factors, we are much ahead of the rest.”

Focus on customer

Mahr’s mission statement has been customer orientation, which means all of its actions are to be oriented towards the customers’ wishes. Ganesan elaborates on this, “‘Exactly’ is the DNA we all carry within while dealing with the end-user. This is our USP backed by the cutting-edge technology that we keep upgrading year on year. For example, we have a product that is supplied with Mercedes Benz Standard (MBN), which is the indication of Mahr and Mercedes Benz collaboration at the R&D level for new product releases and improvement in catering to future technology demands.”

The company has always put customers’ needs first and is ever prepared to exceed their expectations. Ganesan reveals that new product ranges have been introduced in the past few years and the market has responded well to them, especially Form Testers, Gear Testers, and Roughness and Contour Measuring Systems including the MarSurf CD/VD/GD series, which is the recent highlight.

“We have also upgraded the Digital Micrometer and Caliper series with a more reliable design and quick measurements and integration of Wireless transmitter to cater to the Industry 4.0 demands. A few products are also to be launched soon in the Indian market. They got delayed due to the Covid-19 pandemic. So, we are entering an exciting new phase in the coming years,” he shares summing up.

Mahr’s wireless integrated devices are based on RFID technology and are widely accepted due to their
durability along with IP ratings 65 and above, which is a key demand in the Indian market.


Poonam Pednekar
Chief Copy Editor
Magic Wand Media Inc

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